Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I'm back..
Just a quick update before I sort out all the wedding pics, which I'll put up in the next day or so.
Just over a week ago I weighed....then had a bad 3 days.....
Drove to Perth to pick up dear daughter on Thursday then on to Geraldton for wedding, drove home yesterday, dropping daughter off at airport on the way.
Hopped on scales this morning, just checked its been 11 days since last weigh, and I have gained 5 KILO'S !!!
Yikes....I have my work cut out for me again.
I had NO more binges after those few days, and ate quite well while away.
As for the binges Chris asked me why??
Really I am not sure other than I get an urge to eat knowing darn well its going to harm me, knowing too I am going to have trouble stopping BUT I still do it!!! 
But stop it I must...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've done it again....

I have been binge eating again....
A real bad Friday afternoon.
A real bad Saturday afternoon.
A worse afternoon today.
My buddy will help me out tomorrow and get me back on with the excersise with our walks and zumba....and hopefully kick my "getting fatter arse bum backside"   coz geee I bloody well need it !!!
I had been gearing myself up to relaxing a little while we are away for the wedding knowing I would be "naughty" but why why WHY have I done this to myself now????
Right,  now I have written this down, and had a whinge maybe I can get myself re-motivated to losing again. This yoyo'ing is just NOT doing it,  ehhhh?
Maybe, too this binge will make me make healthy choices with all my food and drink while away.....fingers crossed  xx

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Was a busy week....

phewww what a week it has been...so busy with lots of extra shifts for me. One of the girls from the Bunbury shopping centre hurt her shoulder so I have been covering a lot of her shifts.
I have today & tomorrow off, work Saturday morning 6am to 1pm then Ros will be back on Monday so I will go back to my normal 2 days a week here in Australind.  The extra $$'s will sure come in handy thou.  I have organised to have my hair done on Monday and on Wednesday after work I have an appointment to have my nails done as I can't go up to Jem's wedding with my hands looking as they do now!
On Thursday morning we'll be on the road bright & early....have to be at least by 5am, as Kylee's flight gets in at 7am. Depending on the traffic we are a good 90 minute drive from Perth airport.
I so can't wait.  It's a 6 hour drive to Geraldton so we'll be able to have a good catch up with Kylee as we travel, as once we get to Geraldton it will be catch up time with our friends and wedding preparations.  We head back on Monday, drop Kylee at the airport at 4pm to catch her 5pm flight, so we should be home by 7pm ready for work again Tuesday !
Ohhh below is the dress & little belero I am wearing to the wedding. The blue dress I have been working hard to get back into just doesn't "feel" right. I do fit into it....but I am at LEAST 7 kilo's heavier than I was when I wore it last.  Even with the "suck me in knickers" on it doesn't do it for me!
The dress
Kylee has officially got the house on the market as of Monday. Before it was advertised she had a private veiwing, and Wednesday she had another one. Yesterday she had a Home Open, and has another one on Saturday....so fingers crossed for her that the house does sell quickly at a good price too.
Her transfer to a store near here has been received by the recruitment office in Perth and they will let her know next week if she has got a job in the new store that is opening up just a 6 minute drive from here...fingers crossed again.

My weight watchers group meets again tonight. The scales there are NOT going to "get" to me tonight as I weighed in yesterday morning and yayyyy had a 400gram loss. Slowlllllllly I am heading onwards and downwards again.

Friday, November 11, 2011

pfffffft !!

Now that above shows my face exactly at weigh in last night !!
When I saw the scales I said FUCK  farkkkkkkkk !!!
How could that have happened ???
I have excersised 30 to 45 minutes every day this last week, I have watched what I have eaten, haven't eaten anything that I shouldn't have so I was very pissed peeved off !!
sheeeeeeeeeeesh I still haven't touched a chocolate or a bikkie for 43 days !!!  ( sshhhh I have eaten a couple of cookies though !!!)

Anyways only 12 more days till we head off to the wedding. We will pick Kylee up from the airport at 7am on the way through....thats if Quantas don't go out on strike again !!!
Don't think I will be wearing the dress I want.....still need to lose a few kilo's before it fits me the way I want it too.......
Anyways it wasn't a mega amount that I gained, BUT hopping on MY scales this morning I was 1.4 down on the reading on the scales last night. So I am going back to weighing myself in the mornings again....I prefer it anyways.

Friday, November 04, 2011

I am

Yesterday I went up to the cabinet makers that  did a quote on my kitchen and had a look at all the plans on his computer in 3D. It looked absolutely AWESOME !!!  I fell soooooo in love.  Later on he emailed me the quote.....hubby took one look and said NO BLOODY WAY am I spending that much money!!!  And not included in the quote was the electrician and plasterer.....
I may go back to him today and say...hey can we cut the costs down somehow so I get what I reallllllllly want in the kitchen and forget a forget the others...
Otherwise I guess its back to the drawing board for me......

Last night was weigh in for me....a 500g loss for me,  remember this was over 2 weeks.....but I'll take it ... I need it.
Will try my dress that I want to wear for the wedding on again today...hopefully these 36 days without choccies & bikkies will show up more that way.

Edit....Emailed the cabinet maker re: my kitchen and told him I couldn't accept his quote at his quoted price. Also sent him a few modifications asking if they would reduce the price. He emailed back and said to leave it with him, asking what my budget was all up including electrician,  plasterer etc .....and he'd get back to me next week.  Fingers crossed for me !!