Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've done it again....

I have been binge eating again....
A real bad Friday afternoon.
A real bad Saturday afternoon.
A worse afternoon today.
My buddy will help me out tomorrow and get me back on with the excersise with our walks and zumba....and hopefully kick my "getting fatter arse bum backside"   coz geee I bloody well need it !!!
I had been gearing myself up to relaxing a little while we are away for the wedding knowing I would be "naughty" but why why WHY have I done this to myself now????
Right,  now I have written this down, and had a whinge maybe I can get myself re-motivated to losing again. This yoyo'ing is just NOT doing it,  ehhhh?
Maybe, too this binge will make me make healthy choices with all my food and drink while away.....fingers crossed  xx


  1. Sorry to hear things have gone awry lately Jen but good for you on regrouping

    Totally behind you :)


  2. Hang in there - you have been doing an amazing job. Hopefully you can get back on track soon.

    Exercise does always help so hopefully your walk this morning has put you in the right frame of mind to continue during the day without any binges.

    Take care and have a great week !

  3. Must have been something in the air this weekend. I totally went off rails too for no particular reason. I help you back up and you can help me and off we go again. Just a small setback, we can do this Jen.

  4. arggg i feel you pain, ive been trying to get it together all bloody year and been failing miserably again and again, but hey at least we havent given up... :)

  5. Do you know why you binged?
    Sometimes it helps if you do know so you can try and avoid that again.
    Here's hoping this week is better.