Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today is the day.....

Today is the day.....a bit later this morning I am re-joining weight watchers.
My scales are up this morning.....my fault, had a bad day yesterday, no - one to blame but myself....I had a day out with my sister and daughter and ate and drank too much.
Have more to add to add.....but will do that this evening or tomorrow....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rejoining ww

No matter how hard I try...and believe me I have been trying since 2010....I can't seem to lose these 10kilo's plus I have gained.
I joined ww in 2005, reached goal in 2007, maintained till 2010 when we went on holidays....and since then all I have done is yoyo. I gain, then lose...and when I don't lose I sabotage myself and emotionally eat..then of course I gain again. Its just becoming one big vicious circle which I can tell you is doing my head in....and which leads to more "oh what the heck" ....and more eating.
I use the online tracker but I am not a online member. I have tried the "At Home" plan having a consultant ringing me weekly, I have tried hypnosis, also Kate Morgan, low carb, and a few others to no avail.
I have a great support base (online and off) but know within myself I need to go back to the meetings.
I need the meetings....so Tuesday morning I am going back to my first meeting. Its a work day...but have cleared it with my boss,  I will start work earlier and leave for 30 minutes to weigh and stay for the meeting then go back to work.
I need this.
I can do this.
I will do this.

You haven't failed till you quit trying !

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Birthdays.

Happy 5th Birthday to Matthew
 Matthew turned 5 on the 18th....had a small party up at Macca's before they left for a week down at the coast for some school holiday fun. I went up there straight after work for a quick cuddle and to give him his pressie before having to head home, shower and head to my meeting.
On Sunday we were to head up to Simon's and Tracey's for a bbq, but the weather turned  and it rained. So I ended up cooking up a garlic potato dish and headed up there by myself, hubby having woken up with a thumping headache (these grandee's are VERY vocal, and loud). It was so lovely to catch up with them all and spend time with all. 

Zoe and her pet rat Sam

Jessie and her pet rat Charlie



My son Simon and his ferret Peppy
This little creature was Simon's birthday pressie to him from Tracey and the kids in January and its a gorgeous lil thing. So curious, so cuddly....so cheeky. I could have spent hours just watching her as she investigated everything.
Fresh fish for dinner last night.
Dinner last night, very yummy fresh fish....just coated in a wee bit of flour to stop it sticking to pan...cooked in a wee bit of olive oil. Served with baked sweet potato and tomato...very deeelish.

Weigh in ..... I really must get new scales....I keep on getting too many different weights....but first time on scales is the one I am keeping....which is a sts. Disappointed, thought I had done better. If nothing else I am good at maintaining....

On to next week.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April birthdays...


Kaleb 4 years
April is the birthday month in our family...we have 9 family members celebrating. Among them are these two....above is our Caity who turned 11 on Sunday....and our baby Kaleb who turned 4 yesterday.

It was weigh in day today....disappointed to record a STS.
But after reading through my tracker I realise I have to suck it up and accept it...as my tracker tells me that I have over indulged and had a lazy week as far as exercise is concerned.

Moving on to a new week today.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The best week in a long time

For once the scales have really liked me....and I feel as though all my hard work has been for something. Believe me I was getting towards the end of my tether and ready to say "what the heck" !!
Really I haven't dome much different this week other than have a few more vegetarian meals, like the zuchchini slice and vegetarian chilli.
Now lets hope this progress keeps on a coming. For a long time now my weight has yoyo'ed but this is the first time in over 2 months I have seen the numbers I saw today.

700grams down....lets hope for the same next week.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Grandies today


Skye and Shera

Jaydene loved the new rug 

Daddy the girls won't play with me.....

Skye loved my cabbage patch dolls

Skye and Jaydene with their easter goodies

The grandee's asked if they could have their access visit with their Daddy at ours today.....was so lovely to see 3 of the 4 kids. Little Shayden had gone visiting his ex foster carer so we missed him today. We didn't see them over Easter so it was great to see them enjoy their goodies.
School holidays next week, so I best get myself organised as they have asked for a couple of nights of sleepovers.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter weekend

The old
On the weekend, it being a 4 day break....we got to and began the next stage of our renovations. This is a pic of the old dining area....with 3 of my gorgeous grandees.
In the process

This is it half way through....after doing Kylee's house we thought this would be easier...it was just a little....but forgot our's is twice as big!!
And last night
And this was taken last night when I got the house looking halfway decent. Just hope I can keep it looking like this. I am not the world's best housekeeper....but do know I am slowly getting better than what I was.

Easter as you can see was very busy for us. All the kids, except Kylee, were away so unfortunately we didn't get to see any of the grandees. 
Did go out to a bbq to one of my nieces, blew all my ww "slush" fund.....but was hoping after all the hard yakka I did over the weekend my weigh in would be good.
Result....after sleeping in and forgetting to weigh in till late....a gain of 200g.

P.S. Was measurement day too...which I forgot...so all done now. Pleased to report a 5.4cm loss for the month....