Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today is the day.....

Today is the day.....a bit later this morning I am re-joining weight watchers.
My scales are up this morning.....my fault, had a bad day yesterday, no - one to blame but myself....I had a day out with my sister and daughter and ate and drank too much.
Have more to add to add.....but will do that this evening or tomorrow....


  1. I hope re-joining WW's helps you girl.
    I know that my days of going to WW's is over. I am doing it on my own.
    I hope the scales are nice to you from now on... ya know it's totally up to you and you can do it.
    Oh and 1 night will not ruin the rest of the week by the way!
    Hang in there, we both know it is worth it.

  2. Thanks Chris....I hope it helps me.
    I unfortunately, as I have found out can't do it on my own, you luckily can. I have tried, and tried again...but failed...so going back to what I know does work.

  3. All the best for tonight! Agree have to do what is right for you, we are all different and work in different ways. Good on you!!


  4. Weighed in this morning Lyn...and I am happy, I feel as though I can do this again, I haven't felt this positive in a long time.

  5. YAY for knowing what works for you and re-joining WW.
    I know you can do it - good luck !
    Have the best day !