Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Off on holidays

 Next Tuesday as soon as I finish work hubby and I will be on the road. We are trekking across Australia stopping in most states to catch up with some of Ted's radio friends along the way, and also to catch up with some of my friends, some of those from inside my computer too I will be meeting for the 1st time too…. 

We are still struggling here, good days and bad days. 
Paul is hooked up to his chemo and again is having some good days and some very bad days. Saturday was a good day, Saturday evening and Sunday very bad. Monday better, today down again. But the fight back has begun….he is optimistic and we live in hope.

This holiday will give us a chance to put Paul's diagnosis to the back of our minds and concentrate on us for a few weeks. We are going to be away 5 weeks, but will fly home and leave 4x4 behind if we have too. 
As soon as we get back its to a big family gathering for Teds mum's 90th birthday, a big home open will be happening and a big cake with the big 90 on it.

Kylee will be driving down with my gorgeous wee man…can't wait to see him again. We talk on the phone often and FaceTime now and then but I  am hanging out to wrap him in my arms. Kylee wants to spend some time with her brother and her Nanna…and of course her mummy…..

Will see you on my return...