Tuesday, December 30, 2014

pffffft a gain...

Bahhhh humbug…all my good intentions flew out the window on Christmas Day when Kylee rang me to say they would be down that day…and not Boxing Day as they had planned. I was beyond excited…couldn't stop smiling and well the eating followed. But I fronted up at my meeting today and faced the numbers…they weren't good, a 2.8  gain. Not a great way to end 2014…but next week is a new week and a New Year. Bring it on I say….only 75 days to go till we go cruising…hopefully with me at goal….

Pics were taken by the photographer I got for Garry and Kylee when William was born. My birthday present for William was having her take pics of William 1 year on…aren't they just great??

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas.

A very quiet Christmas for us….
Paul and Tanya came out on Monday as they are going camping with Tanya's family.
Shawn, well who knows what he is doing….
Simon and Tracey are going down to his Dad's and Kylee and Garry will be on the road travelling down here today.
Most of the family will get together on the 27th for Williams birthday. 

Am off to my gorgeous niece's house for lunch, her twin brother and family will be there as well as a Aunt from the maternal side so that should be good. After lunch will be heading out to hubby's brother's for dinner….unless Kylee and Garry show up.

Tuesday's weigh was a stay the same….hoping this week will be the same…but it won't be if I don't hide the chocolate…


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 32

This is a cropped pic of me, taken on my trip to Perth last week. That day feel like eons ago now. Its been go go go…what with work, shopping and trying to keep on top of the housework.  Plus having the stress of mil in hospital in Perth.  She is progressing so so slowly. She had skin grafts today which we didn't want her to have. Specialist/surgeons/doctors all told her it will help with the healing, but now she has had grafts taken off the thighs on both legs to deal with along with the ulcers. Worried much about her, she is after all 89 years old and was struggling with just the pain and discomfort of the ulcers!

Was meant to pick up some new glasses last week. Was called in to see them, but was told they would have to be sent back as they had left a ridge around the outside of the eyepieces. On trying them on you could see it…so hopefully this week I'll have them, be nice to have them for Christmas. 

Weigh was yesterday, a loss of 100g…not a lot but all those little numbers all add up. Its day 32 of my 100 day challenge…I feel good and committed. I have not had a gain since I started the challenge…and thats was part of the challenge to myself. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 25

 The above pics show me and my best friends Robyn (in green) and Carol on a day out in Perth. Rob lives 40 minutes from me in Mandurah so I drove up there and met her at hers and then we caught the train up to Perth to catch up with Carol and then spent the day shopping, yakking, yakking and more shopping. Gina,  another good friend of ours met up with us lunch. It was the best day. Amazing that we all get on so well together considering we all met on the weight watchers At Home board in 2005. But we do and have done so since we met. We have shared our ups and down with everything, not just our weight and make a point of getting together regularly. Rob and I being closer we meet up a bit more often. at least every 6 weeks.
Mumma Bear (Hubby's mum) in hospital still after yet another op on her leg. A real worry this all is, the ulcers are not getting any better…and mum's getting quite depressed about it. Mum is unsteady on her feet and has been for a while, and with the leg paining her constantly and not being able to put her weight on it she is getting unsteadier…finding it hard to even get herself off to the bathroom even with her walker. 
Now this little man is into everything. Up on the lounges now and climbing all over Daddy. He is walking more and more and even trying to run!!
I am on the countdown to Christmas when I see them again. 

Day 25 today of my challenge to myself and I am happy. Lost 400 grams on Tuesday at weigh in…and reached my 10k milestone. 
Last night I used some of my pro point "slush" fund as we had visitors so used them up with a few drinks and nibbles. A few low point days will balance it out. 

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Feeling good.

 Little William has turned 11 months old…where has time gone. He is now finding his feet and toddles more and more each day, has hands on his feet and has learnt to climb. His Mummy and Daddy are very quickly learning that he is quick !!
We are counting down the days to Christmas so we can gather him (and his mummy) into our arms and give them a cuddle. We speak most everyday, I am lucky that Kylee shares just about everything that happens, all Williams little achievements, his like and dislikes. Through this Williams knows who I am, my voice and my picture (on FaceTime) so that bond is strong.

Work has been frantic, lots of extra hours due to extended shopping hours.  Its busy now so I shudder in horror just thinking about the last week before Christmas and the crowds in the shopping centre.

I thankfully have nearly finished my christmas present shopping. Am going to Perth on Friday with a girlfriend and meeting up with another close friend there….so hopefully I can get the last of what I need. Then next fortnight I can do my food shopping for Christmas and Williams 1st birthday party. 

Tuesday was weigh in…a whole kilo gone!! The week just flew bye and the 100 day challenge to myself seems to be working. I ate within my points allowance 4 out of the 7 days and between work and a few walks I managed to get heaps of steps in and lots of active minutes show up on my fitbit. 
I received my 10% and next week all I have to do is lose 400g and I will have lost 10 kilo's.  My goal to be near or at my goal weight by the end of the 100 days is looking good, yay!! 
I went well over points yesterday, I was craving a spinach, feta and sun dried muffin for my breakfast after weigh in…so I bought one. They are gi-normous but ohh so nice.  Usually I can't eat it all in one meal….but I did yesterday. Counting that has my oink oink moment for the week.