Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas.

A very quiet Christmas for us….
Paul and Tanya came out on Monday as they are going camping with Tanya's family.
Shawn, well who knows what he is doing….
Simon and Tracey are going down to his Dad's and Kylee and Garry will be on the road travelling down here today.
Most of the family will get together on the 27th for Williams birthday. 

Am off to my gorgeous niece's house for lunch, her twin brother and family will be there as well as a Aunt from the maternal side so that should be good. After lunch will be heading out to hubby's brother's for dinner….unless Kylee and Garry show up.

Tuesday's weigh was a stay the same….hoping this week will be the same…but it won't be if I don't hide the chocolate…



  1. Merry Christmas - a day late but hey... finally catching up on some blogs :)

  2. You didn't hide the chocolates did ya? lol
    I didn't have any, first Christmas is YEARS I didn't have chocolates for breakfast!