Sunday, August 26, 2012

Going to try...

.....And that it is. I am working towards a new one.

I have been trying and trying for months to get on top of my weight....every day being a new day I keep on trying, I have never quit, I have detoured occasionally though.
 But with menopause, hormones, thyroid and stress it just hasn't been doing anything but go up.
Had more blood tests the other day....and awaiting results. Other than the hormones hitting rock bottom and being low in vitamins nothing has been found yet to cause my weight to continue to gain and me to be feeling blahhh.
Had  a loss at my ww meeting the other night though, 350grams

But anyways my g/f went to see someone the other week as her weight had climbed to the highest it had ever been due to a lot of health problems, but her habits, her way of thinking since she saw this man has changed and her weight is now going down.
I am off to see the same person on Thursday....and if I have the same success as my g/f I will let you know what I have been up to.  

Anyways kitchen update.....its getting close to completion. Waiting for the last of our order and we will be finished. Oven is in, worked once, then it started making a noise....waiting for someone to come and fix...very annoying...a brand new 1,700 oven, used once...... I not happy.
Cooktop is brilliant...I love it and my new bench tops...
Still undecided on my splashback colour...going to wait till everything else is done to see what will look the best.

Monday, August 13, 2012


When I hit rock bottom I hit it with a crash.
I have done that ....NOW I have to suck it up and get over it. Thought I had today, the day started real well,  but nahhhh I hit the pantry this afternoon and found food and ate, and ate, and ate....

Why? Why?
No reason really....none at all. 

Tonight I have stood in front of my mirror after I spent some time looking at my "at goal" pics and I really looked at myself.  NOW I have to realise that the 10 kilo's I have put on is now a little more that that....AND if I am not careful it is going to be back where I was before I started this journey. 
I have to stop "losing the plot" when I gain a little, cos every time I do, I gain more....that vicious circle has to stop!!! I have to be kind to myself....  

NOW how do I dig deep and find that mojo again.....and keep it ??

Friday, August 10, 2012


Thats what I said at weigh in last night....when the scales for the second week said GAIN!!!!  Why I haven't figured out I have been doing every thing right. Well my tracker says so, exercise is perfect, I have been taking my thyroid tabs....sooooooooo I can only imagine that soon the scales are gonna go down.

Its disheartening but I'll hang in there, just have to. If I say pffffffft and go out and binge it'll only make it harder on me, so its suck it up, get over it and move on.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Have been busy....

Life has been real busy. Working 5 days a week, busy with family and organising my new kitchen on the weekends...."me" time has been rare. No matter getting this new kitchen, even if it is DYI, is a dream come true. Off into Bunnings again tomorrow to pick up some more of our order, Ted has built up all the ones we bought home last weekend. Will have to wait a month or more for all the doors, but that gives us time to get all the cupboards built and then its onto the fun job of wrecking the grotty old kitchen and putting the new one in :-)
And YES will definitely put up some old and new pics.

My poor computer which has been a "lemon" since I bought it has been retired. Darn thing was rattling and making very very weird noises so spent more money and bought a new one...a Apple Mac.  Very different I can tell you BUT I am loving it so far. going down, slowly but surely. Have had a few little lapses but on the whole I am staying on track.
Will have a bit more time to prepare menu's, cook and freeze meals now, my 10 week full-time stint has finished and I am now back to my 2 days a week and  any relief shifts in the town shopping centre.