Monday, August 13, 2012


When I hit rock bottom I hit it with a crash.
I have done that ....NOW I have to suck it up and get over it. Thought I had today, the day started real well,  but nahhhh I hit the pantry this afternoon and found food and ate, and ate, and ate....

Why? Why?
No reason really....none at all. 

Tonight I have stood in front of my mirror after I spent some time looking at my "at goal" pics and I really looked at myself.  NOW I have to realise that the 10 kilo's I have put on is now a little more that that....AND if I am not careful it is going to be back where I was before I started this journey. 
I have to stop "losing the plot" when I gain a little, cos every time I do, I gain more....that vicious circle has to stop!!! I have to be kind to myself....  

NOW how do I dig deep and find that mojo again.....and keep it ??


  1. It really is hard to find the motivation again eh?
    I can offer you no ideas, cos I can't even do it myself.

  2. I am with Chris. I cant handle it at the moment either. No matter what my intentions are it doesnt make a difference. Hope your day improves

  3. Wish I could suggest something - all I can say is I understand EXACTLY what you are going through because that is where I am at the moment.
    Take care - sending lots of love, hugs and positive energy your way.