Friday, August 03, 2012

Have been busy....

Life has been real busy. Working 5 days a week, busy with family and organising my new kitchen on the weekends...."me" time has been rare. No matter getting this new kitchen, even if it is DYI, is a dream come true. Off into Bunnings again tomorrow to pick up some more of our order, Ted has built up all the ones we bought home last weekend. Will have to wait a month or more for all the doors, but that gives us time to get all the cupboards built and then its onto the fun job of wrecking the grotty old kitchen and putting the new one in :-)
And YES will definitely put up some old and new pics.

My poor computer which has been a "lemon" since I bought it has been retired. Darn thing was rattling and making very very weird noises so spent more money and bought a new one...a Apple Mac.  Very different I can tell you BUT I am loving it so far. going down, slowly but surely. Have had a few little lapses but on the whole I am staying on track.
Will have a bit more time to prepare menu's, cook and freeze meals now, my 10 week full-time stint has finished and I am now back to my 2 days a week and  any relief shifts in the town shopping centre.

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  1. Can't wait to see the photos of your kitchen !!

    Interesting to hear you say you like the Apple Mac - have often considered it but have never had the courage to change !!!!!

    Have a great day !