Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today is the day

We begin our journey this afternoon by flying to Sydney where we will spend a couple of days with a friend, before boarding our ship The Explorer of the Seas on Wednesday. Its exciting….as this time time I get to meet up with some of my blogger friends…Lyn, Chris, Lee-Anne and Jackie.
Ted gets to meet up with some of his radio friends too.
But more importantly Ted and I get some "time out" together….just us, away from home….we need it.

Up early this morning, ate a whole heap of chocolate yesterday…and due to the rain we have had I didn't get to walk, it was raining to much to do a walk in the rain….so I am going to get an hour in as soon as its light.

The "demon scales" showed a 400g gain Friday…and today I guess would be double that….BUT hopefully I can now control my eating and get back on track.
Going to be hard on holiday BUT I have promised myself I will walk everyday and NOT "pig out" on all the yummy's onboard.

See you soon….

Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been quiet….

Not much has been happening in the world of Jen…just work, days off…more work…
This fortnights roster is nearly finished, the next one will be waiting for me when I go to work tomorrow,  but should only be one or 2 days work on it as my holidays start on the Friday evening and as Friday is Good Friday all the shopping centres will be closed. 
Can't believe its just over a week before we fly to Sydney ready to catch the boat.
I have just about done all the packing, just a few more items to pack. Very peeved still that NONE of the clothes I wore on the last cruise STILL don't fit….BUT I am happy that I am still slowlllllly losing the weight again. I keep reminding myself that I do need to focus on something else besides my weight…but its my weight being where it is that makes me unhappy. I know a lot of the weight I carrying comes from grieving, grieving as Paul had terminal cancer and then his passing. But I am remembering now how happy Paul was when I lost weight last time and how happy I was that I managed to keep it off for so long. My weight had been going up before Paul's diagnosis, thats was my fault. I eat to make myself feel better, I eat because "darn it I am starting my diet tomorrow so I can", I eat for so many reasons and not many of them are because I am hungry, and when I do eat its "comfort food". Its the comfort food I have to stop eating. I managed to do when I lost the weight last time, so I have to teach myself again not to comfort eat.

Trying not to worry about my Sis, haven't heard from her re appointment with the female Dr. I am not ringing her and pestering her, she'll get the appointment and let me know when. She is more stubborn than I am, know if I pester her she'll shut me out…
I am going down there next week so see Mum before Easter and before we fly out so I will know more then. 

Weigh in this morning…lost 300g…slowlllly going down. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

2nd opinion

I have been on tenterhooks all this week waiting for today to find out what the results of my sister's cat scan on her breast. She went to the Dr today and he THINKS it just a swollen gland and he wants her to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't go away go back and they will do a biopsy.
My sister wasn't over concerned and was happy with that.
Me..I was gobsmacked!! 
I told her I would have had at least thought they would have done a biopsy just to make sure.
Nope, she said I will just keep an eye on it. Told her it was her call but I was concerned.
SO….I rang my brother. Told him all the above and asked him if I was over thinking it?? 
He said I might be considering all that I had been through of late BUT he would talk to her and remind her of his ex girlfriend Margaret and her breast lump that did turn out to be a nasty cancer.
Later on this evening I had a text back from my sister saying thank you Sis, I am getting a second opinion as soon as she can get an appointment with a female Dr as it would be be better to be safe than sorry.
phewwwww I can breathe a little easier for awhile now.

It was weigh in day today. Wasn't sure how I would go as I had a real bad day yesterday, it was 6 months since we had lost Paul but my very dodgy scales said a loss of 300gms. 
I really need new scales but they can wait till the end of this challenge. 

Just 16 days till we fly to Sydney, 19 days till we set sail….

Now onwards to I hope a better stressless week.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Birthday over...

This is my motto this week…after my birthday, then birthday party I need to do that U turn and get back on the straight and narrow. This weeks weigh in was a gain of 1.1  Normal I guess when you eat crap, drink wine and eat more. Tried the U turn last week after my birthday but it ended up being just a 3 point turn as I got diverted….more meals out and more wine.  Well I guess I only turn 60 once!!  BUT its only just over 3 weeks before we fly to Sydney ready for our cruise, would like to lose a few more kilo's.  Picked up our tickets from the travel agent….so its all go. 

Update on Sister, she has a Dr appointment NEXT Friday, so we are thinking positive….if scans had shown something bad you would think the Drs would have made an urgent appointment wouldn't you??  It hasn't stopped me stressing but I'm not stressing as much now…