Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today is the day

We begin our journey this afternoon by flying to Sydney where we will spend a couple of days with a friend, before boarding our ship The Explorer of the Seas on Wednesday. Its exciting….as this time time I get to meet up with some of my blogger friends…Lyn, Chris, Lee-Anne and Jackie.
Ted gets to meet up with some of his radio friends too.
But more importantly Ted and I get some "time out" together….just us, away from home….we need it.

Up early this morning, ate a whole heap of chocolate yesterday…and due to the rain we have had I didn't get to walk, it was raining to much to do a walk in the rain….so I am going to get an hour in as soon as its light.

The "demon scales" showed a 400g gain Friday…and today I guess would be double that….BUT hopefully I can now control my eating and get back on track.
Going to be hard on holiday BUT I have promised myself I will walk everyday and NOT "pig out" on all the yummy's onboard.

See you soon….


  1. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy some much needed time out xx

  2. Have the best holiday !!!!

  3. I hope you continue to have a fabulous time, and try not to let sadness blight your time. Plenty of time for that once you get home mate. Thinking of you both. {{{BIG, BIG HUGS}}}