Friday, March 18, 2016

Its been quiet….

Not much has been happening in the world of Jen…just work, days off…more work…
This fortnights roster is nearly finished, the next one will be waiting for me when I go to work tomorrow,  but should only be one or 2 days work on it as my holidays start on the Friday evening and as Friday is Good Friday all the shopping centres will be closed. 
Can't believe its just over a week before we fly to Sydney ready to catch the boat.
I have just about done all the packing, just a few more items to pack. Very peeved still that NONE of the clothes I wore on the last cruise STILL don't fit….BUT I am happy that I am still slowlllllly losing the weight again. I keep reminding myself that I do need to focus on something else besides my weight…but its my weight being where it is that makes me unhappy. I know a lot of the weight I carrying comes from grieving, grieving as Paul had terminal cancer and then his passing. But I am remembering now how happy Paul was when I lost weight last time and how happy I was that I managed to keep it off for so long. My weight had been going up before Paul's diagnosis, thats was my fault. I eat to make myself feel better, I eat because "darn it I am starting my diet tomorrow so I can", I eat for so many reasons and not many of them are because I am hungry, and when I do eat its "comfort food". Its the comfort food I have to stop eating. I managed to do when I lost the weight last time, so I have to teach myself again not to comfort eat.

Trying not to worry about my Sis, haven't heard from her re appointment with the female Dr. I am not ringing her and pestering her, she'll get the appointment and let me know when. She is more stubborn than I am, know if I pester her she'll shut me out…
I am going down there next week so see Mum before Easter and before we fly out so I will know more then. 

Weigh in this morning…lost 300g…slowlllly going down. 


  1. Slowly is better than none at all, I really need to get more serious with my weight as well. Am hoping to catch up with you in Tauranga with LeeAnne when you arrive there. Have a great Easter :)

  2. I am so looking forward to meeting up with you and LeeAnne too…arrive there on the 8th April at 8.45am.

  3. Slow is actually the best way to lose they say! Better odds of keeping it off!!!!