Saturday, March 05, 2016

Birthday over...

This is my motto this week…after my birthday, then birthday party I need to do that U turn and get back on the straight and narrow. This weeks weigh in was a gain of 1.1  Normal I guess when you eat crap, drink wine and eat more. Tried the U turn last week after my birthday but it ended up being just a 3 point turn as I got diverted….more meals out and more wine.  Well I guess I only turn 60 once!!  BUT its only just over 3 weeks before we fly to Sydney ready for our cruise, would like to lose a few more kilo's.  Picked up our tickets from the travel agent….so its all go. 

Update on Sister, she has a Dr appointment NEXT Friday, so we are thinking positive….if scans had shown something bad you would think the Drs would have made an urgent appointment wouldn't you??  It hasn't stopped me stressing but I'm not stressing as much now…


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  1. I love the picture! It is soooo true.....we are in control of making the U-Turn! It really is that simple...on paper! You can turn it around and pick up the pieces after the birthday week indulgences!