Monday, February 29, 2016

Birthday Week

My Besties 

My kids..there is always one !!

Me and my Mummy..



It was the best night… extended family and closest friends.
My gorgeous niece made my cake…it was a surprise until she arrived with it…I just burst into tears.
besties were there, along with my kids and grandee's. Tanya came out too, very teary for her to start with, the last time she was out here with family and friends was for Paul's wake….which I understood as were a little teary ourselves.
My sister had herself a good night too even though she has just received some bad news. She has found a lump under her arm, tests results aren't the best BUT tomorrow we will know more…
Not the best ww week, but I did have a stay the same….unfortunately I don't it will stay the same next weigh in as I haven't had the best of eating over the past 4 days.

New month tomorrow and that means it will be cruise month…come Easter we will fly to Sydney ready to board our cruise ship on the 30th. 


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny - it looks like you had a wonderful time. YAY for great family and friends to celebrate with.