Saturday, March 31, 2012

Professional Pics....

 Of the ones of myself and Kylee this is my favourite...and yet it is the only one hubby doesn't like. But it is the one I had blown up and put on my wall. It so appeals to shows the closeness and the fun that we have with each other...
Another good one of us....
 Love the background in this one....and the casualness of the shot.
 Now this one is my favourite of me....
...and this one is my second favourite....

Memories of a wonderful day, I was made to feel and look beautiful.
All these pics were done up and presented beautifully and will give me reminders of a very special day to remember for years to come.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Anniversary...

NOT !!!

Today is Kylee's wedding anniversary...
It would have been her 2nd, but they did spend nearly 10 years together..
I haven't seen Kylee today, but talking to her last night she was not looking forward to all the emotions that she would go through today. 
Have sms'ed her and she seems okay...I know she is out with friends...hope they looking after her.
I just hate her being so hurt....

The weekend.....

Zoe, Thomas, Jessica and Sheymus
On the way out

Helping Jenna & Pop
On the weekend I had these 4 grandies...boy are they growing up fast. Simon & Tracey dropped them off on Friday night on their way up to Perth for a weekend away. They were really good kids...but boy do they make a mess!!  And loud too....two of them even talk, well one shouts, in their sleep!!  Being so close, guess they shout to be heard....then again their mother is very loud so maybe its just part of them!

Our boundry fence line of tree's had to be trimmed on the weekend..they were getting too close to the powerlines. Boy was that a job and a half...the kids were all very helpful...kept them entertained too :-)

Saturday night, had my cousins down for a bbq....deeeeelightful meal and wonderful company. My cousin made a cherry ripe cheesecake...ohhh boy  it was to die for !!! With that and the bottle of wine I drank I was lucky the scales showed me a sts.
I am still in the zone...I am happy that I am living life, eating healthy and the weight is coming off slowly...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the zone again...

Back in the zone again....even had a loss of 500g on the scales this week. Totally unexpected after my social week...and a few indulgences.
Monday saw me head up to Dawseville to catch up with a dear friend. So annoyed with myself for not taking any of my camera's as its a beautiful scenic spot. Always driven past the turn off into the little town so it was delightful to spend time with a wonderful friend and sit and sip a cup of coffee and take in the views.
I took my DSL camera into be cleaned last week as I had a smudgy spot showing up in some of my pictures. Trying it out the other day I captured pics of this beautiful butterfly with a damaged wing.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day out

Rob & I 

Had a absolutely awesome day out yesterday with a lovely friend Robyn. Robyn & I met on the ww boards, chatted, emailed and finally met a few years ago and have remained friends. She only lives 40 minutes up the road from me...
DD acted as our chauffeur and drove us around. Browsed the shops, had lunch at a restaurant called Mash on the waterfront in Bunbury...then DD drove us around to the sight seeing spots before afternoon tea at the Dome.....then home for a last chat before Rob had to drive home.
Next get together will be in Perth with another of our friends from the ww boards. Its awesome as to how we all have become good friends.
But yesterday we also had a few indulgences....and today even though I started the day off back on track with a walk with Shera....I have gradually gone off track as the day has progressed. Got to take a deep breathe...find my focus again....and move onto tomorrow and getting myself on track again.
Monday is going to be another challenge.....another day out with another friend....but tomorrow comes first.....

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Today is weigh in day...despite my best efforts I had a stay the same. I am happy with that, I am still motivated and eating healthy. This time I am not giving up....I am going to keep working on getting to my goal weight again.
I have just started to realize.. again, that losing weight is not going to happen overnight, or that my weekly weigh ins are not always going to show a loss no matter how much exercise I have done or how well I have eaten. 
I have been expecting too much of myself...and my expectations have been too I am just going to go about doing my weight watchers the best I can realizing that sometimes life does get in the way and take it has it comes.
Here's to a good week.....

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Down the beach

Daughter and Shera

The beach near home
Am totally and absolutely on track. Eating well, exercising daily and very motivated. 
Daughter and I took Shera down the beach on the weekend...and with the weather forecast for this weekend to be HOT will be doing so again this weekend. Loved it...forgotten how much fun it was.
Weigh in day today, (I changed days due to work commitments) and the scales did show the gain I expected, but not as much as I thought it would be.


Monday, March 05, 2012

Lost my way

This was way back when I had it all together.....I loved me, I loved looking this good...and I worked at it...
Me at goal weight, when I loved myself a
This is me now...I am struggling. I have been working hard, but not everyday, all day like I should. I have good weeks, the scales go down, then treat myself, lose track, gain...then have to start all over again. Yoyo' √≠ng week afer week, I hate the fact that my clothes are getting tighter, that I have huge muffin top hanging over my clothes....but even with tracking and recording my stats I am still where I was 15 months ago!!

Love this dres, hate how I look !!
I have to do something. I had a sneak peek at the scales this morning, shuddered at the number and then proceeded to start the day off as I should with a healthy filling breakfast. Then, what the heck...had toast, white bread too,  which I never eat....coz I just felt like it  !! There was no thought of my weigh in on Thursday, no thought to the fact that I have to record my weight with my lovely consultant. And my day has continued downhill just like it did yesterday and the day before....
It seems to take forever for the weight to come off but in just a few days I can add a couple of kilo's :-(

Me, February 2004
Today....I am making a commitment to myself.....and ALL OF YOU.....that I will get myself back to looking like the me I like above....starting tomorrow. Today is plan day.  I can do it...I have to do it for me, otherwise I will end up looking like the me above again....and I don't want that !!