Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day out

Rob & I 

Had a absolutely awesome day out yesterday with a lovely friend Robyn. Robyn & I met on the ww boards, chatted, emailed and finally met a few years ago and have remained friends. She only lives 40 minutes up the road from me...
DD acted as our chauffeur and drove us around. Browsed the shops, had lunch at a restaurant called Mash on the waterfront in Bunbury...then DD drove us around to the sight seeing spots before afternoon tea at the Dome.....then home for a last chat before Rob had to drive home.
Next get together will be in Perth with another of our friends from the ww boards. Its awesome as to how we all have become good friends.
But yesterday we also had a few indulgences....and today even though I started the day off back on track with a walk with Shera....I have gradually gone off track as the day has progressed. Got to take a deep breathe...find my focus again....and move onto tomorrow and getting myself on track again.
Monday is going to be another challenge.....another day out with another friend....but tomorrow comes first.....


  1. How lovely to meet up with friends, I must do that more often!
    You girls look lovely too, and I love the background... very pretty water.

  2. YAY for great friends that we meet on the internet ! Glad to hear you had such a great day.