Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The weekend.....

Zoe, Thomas, Jessica and Sheymus
On the way out

Helping Jenna & Pop
On the weekend I had these 4 grandies...boy are they growing up fast. Simon & Tracey dropped them off on Friday night on their way up to Perth for a weekend away. They were really good kids...but boy do they make a mess!!  And loud too....two of them even talk, well one shouts, in their sleep!!  Being so close, guess they shout to be heard....then again their mother is very loud so maybe its just part of them!

Our boundry fence line of tree's had to be trimmed on the weekend..they were getting too close to the powerlines. Boy was that a job and a half...the kids were all very helpful...kept them entertained too :-)

Saturday night, had my cousins down for a bbq....deeeeelightful meal and wonderful company. My cousin made a cherry ripe cheesecake...ohhh boy  it was to die for !!! With that and the bottle of wine I drank I was lucky the scales showed me a sts.
I am still in the zone...I am happy that I am living life, eating healthy and the weight is coming off slowly...

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  1. Looks like the children had a great time helping. They are grown up!!
    Cherry ripe cheesecake and wine - yummo ;-)