Sunday, November 27, 2016

Please do….

Please if you do have a friend who has lost someone very dear, please do talk to them about their loss, don't be afraid. I am thankful  I do have a couple of friends that do remind me of some lovely memories. Yes, it is a gift…a lovely gift and I do thank them 
There is others that tell me its time to let go and move on, and even one that has told me they are dead and buried, get over it!!  
The last 17 months have been the worst in my life. I have struggled with my grief, but with some wonderful friends, my doctor and some counselling I am moving slowly forward. 

Sunday, November 06, 2016

This and that….

Pic of my front garden above….have about 70 roses in there…its starting to look pretty special. Those you can see under the red bottle brush are roses I bought back from my sister's that were mum's...

Still plodding along here ok….not much happening in the world of Jen. Its work, home do chores, sleep and back to work again.
Now that summer is coming we won't do much at all, we don't travel far then, hubby has a thing about bush fires, so like to be prepared. Can see his point….we had a very big one not all that far from us last summer, it wiped out a whole little town and killed a couple of people. And we do live on a bush block and have bush around us…so it could happen here too. 

Still doing well with the shakes….and losing weight slowly. Just going to take it day by day, I am only a few weeks in but still loving them, and coping with the not eating till snack time in the afternoon.  Mixing fruit up in the shakes when I can is helping to keep me fuller and more satisfied.
Weigh in day was Friday, down 800g. That morning I had bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast which made a lovely change, a shake for lunch then my normal tea.  Lets see how I go….

Hubby still working on his mum's house. Hopefully by mid next year it will be on the market…and it sells quickly. Then we can start planning our next holiday. Canada is the dream….

Kylee is doing well still after her op…about 15 kilo down now. 

Shawn, the troublesome one….still trouble but seems not to be having too many drama's. I spent a day with him and his kids last weekend….boy are they growing up quickly….too quickly.
Thinking about it….early next year my eldest granddaughters will be 15….where does time go.

I organised Mum's headstone the other day, that should be completed and installed by the end of February, early March. Pictures look pretty special so here's hoping it does.

Clouds coming in and its starting to cool down, best go get the washing off the line…..till next time………..