Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

Well its the last day of 2010....
I worked, and the routine helped me stay on track. A night in for us, too tired to go out so more than likely I will sleep 2011 in...I quite often do.
Over the 3 days I have off we will more than likely head down to Manjimup to see mum, and get a bit of speedway action in while there, as there is a huge meet on .... love my speedway!
Happy New Year to you all....may 2011 be a year full of fulfilled dreams along with love & happiness the whole year through.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Much ??

Yep it was weigh in night....I weighed in on my scales AND I was up big time....more than I thought. I knew I had been bad, but SHIT didn't think I had been that bad!!!

ahhhh a week to get my shit together and see what I can do by next weigh in!

Have had a good day...been on track, been using my tracker...and now off to do kitchen duties...then my stint on my ab machine.....then its off to bed for me.
Work tomorrow, should be an early finish, then 3 days off....

night night

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gonna stay on track

I am not happy with myself for "scoffing" all those choccies last night...I seem to love sabotaging myself don't I?
I woke up this morning determined that I was going to stay on track....from now till we leave on hols. Believe it or not there is only 24 more days to go. Where has time gone? Our friends that we are travelling with rang yesterday...they too are counting down the is Kylee, she can't wait to see us!
Anyways food has been good today....not enough vegies but tomorrow they are on the menu so thats okay.
Also committed myself to doing at least 20 sit-ups a day on my ab machine as well as my daily walk.
Meant to be weigh in tomorrow evening but my ww group doesn't reopen till next week so think I will weigh in on my scales. That won't be pretty, know by my clothes I have gained, but I'll grimace and take to blame but ME!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A better day

UPDATE....welll it was a better day till just before I went to bed I found the grandies choccies that they left!!!

Had a lot better day today. Started off with over an hour walk with my buddy.
Food wise, I have stuck to eating the usual filling/satisfing foods....and they have seemed to satisfy me more today. Had a few nibbles at things that I shouldn't have but other than that have been on track.
Tomorrow its back to work for me so I'll drag that tracker out and start the planning and tracking like I should have done today.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Started the day off well

but as the day went on I slowly gave in to my "snack attacks "

I was up early and Deb and I met up at 6.30 and went walking for an hour. Came home and had poached egg on toast, a piece of bacon and grilled tomato....a very filling breakfast.....but by 11o├žlock I was looking for more to eat.

Don't know what it was but no matter how much I ate, and I chose filling and satisfying foods and fruit.....I was looking for more.

So stooooopid me...looked at the sweet/snack foods and I have over indulged like there would be no tomorrow !!!

But a tomorrow there be will be and it will be a better day I hope.

Am leaving you with pics of the tree that nearly landed on me.....looking at it today when I took the photo's sent a shudder up my spine. Someone "up above" liked me I think as if it had hit me full on I would not be sitting here blogging. In the 2nd pic you can see the foot path I was walking on...the scattered broken branches you can see are what hit me....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Feeling a bit sore....

and sorry for myself today.

Was out walking early this morning and a big banksia tree fell just in front of me....branches knocked my glasses off my face, grazed my left shoulder and other scratches and bruises are making themselves known to me now. Luckily some other walkers came along just after and found my lens had popped out but they found that too (thank heavens as the glasses are just new) and popped it back in. No damage done to them, not even a scratch on the lens thankfully. I am a very very lucky lady, the tree was a old and large, if it had hit me I wouldn't be here now.

All on track today and hopefully to stay there too....

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

To my wonderful friends here on my computer, espesially here in bloogger land...thank you for all your support and friendship over the year.
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas....the bestest one ever!

So far today I have had the greatest day....its been wonderful sharing my day with all my family.
After working all day Friday I spent till 11pm last night preparing food, cleaning plus wrapping pressies. Then I was up at 6am this morning finishing off .... but all my efforts paid off, it was good..I am stuffed!!

And pffffft ..... I did say I was going to eat and drink in moderation today and count points!! Guess what??
I DIDN'T !!!!
I tried....but all good intentions...blah blah blah.....
Tomorrow I promise I will be back on track.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BUGGER !!!!!!

I am so PEEVED off as I do have to work tomorrow....bugger bugger bugger!!!!!
I had so much I wanted to do tomorow and now will have to run around like a mad woman getting everything done! Half the pressies aren't wrapped, thats going to be a marathon effort with all the grandies I have !! At least Ted has finished work so he can hose down the patio, clean out the outdoor fridge and get the lawns mowed!
Ted and I went into Bunbury tonight bought and all bought the fruit and veg....thought it would be so busy, but surprize surprize it wasn't too bad at all.
Anyways have stayed on track again. Hopped on the scales its usually weigh in night and my scales have said I have stayed the same....happy with that for now....but hoping next week for a loss!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

going well

See that halo...its glowing...I am so on track and think I am doing well. Hope so anyways, as I figure out all these propoints. I am eating well, I am not snacking and most importantly I am not hungry.

I had my first chat with my ww At Home consultant this morning and have my first consult and wi on January 5th..

I am hoping tomorrow is my last day at work before Christmas...was told it will be BUT things can change with a click of the fingers out there....fingers crossed. Its getting late so time for me to head off to my bed.... night night

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another day...

on propoints...and I am getting there. Some things are still confusing but I will get there. Its mainly all the point values that get to me, just have to forget about all the other ww programs and all those point values and relearn all these new ones. But I will get there. The program reminds me a lot of the Core program...using filling foods that are high in protein which adds to the feeling of fullness. Anyways so far today I have eaten well following all the guidelines and haven't felt hungry at all.
Tomorrow I am ringing ww to set up a appointment for my 1st consult.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Learning propoints

Today has been day 2 and I have so far managed it well. Was up early and went walking for 35 minutes. I am eating as many "filling" foods as I can....and I must say I have not felt hungry at all today. All the point values are so different so a lot of my time is spent flicking throu my books or using my calculator to find out the points. Fruit is free but I am very aware that it also has a lot of sugar in it so I making sure I don't eat TOO much!
Other than that all is good.
I am walking in my new hiking shoes that I bought to make sure that they are well and truly worn in by the time we leave, for the price I paid for them I want to get my money's worth out of them!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


was my first day on propoints.

I have struggled a little but I am getting there. Everything has new values...there is just no comparison between the old points and these propoints, they are so different....but once I get my head around it all I think I will enjoy it. Love that fruit is now no points, but still have to be careful not to overindulge as there is a lot of sugar in it!

I have come in, on my calculations on points...and I am not happy about that.

I am determined to give it a good go, even working on counting points on christmas day...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas

No post last night as it was our work christmas "do " It was a great night, lovely food, never ending drinks and lots of laughs....a very enjoyable night after a long hard day.

Woke up late yesterday morning, very unlike me to sleep throu the alarm but I did. No time for a walk, no time to pack a planned healthy lunch, or have a good healthy filling all good intentions went flying out the window.
And today...started the day with all good intentions, up early and went out walking...then Shawn arrived, followed soon after by his kids.....and by lunchtime I was eating all the festive food I supplied for the kids early Christmas with their daddy.
ahhhhhhhh well tomorrow is a new day. And I hope to get back on the wagon and start on the new ww propoints. My kit arrived FINALLY on Friday.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a quick post

Weigh in was tonight...nearly 9.20 and only just got home! It was our awards night and then we had our Christmas supper(we all took a plate). We won't be back till the first week of January for our regular meetings now. Anyways tonight the scales rewarded me with a 500gr loss.

The one day I wanted to finish early and I had to work all was a long tiring and busy now I am off to bed....nite nite xx

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late start Wednesday

Managed to have a bit of a lay in this morning as I didn't have to start work till 9am. I got up at 6 and said cya to Ted, donned the joggers and took off with my discman and earphones as per usual and walked for an felt good!

Home, made myself a big breakfast of cereal, skim milk, banana & peaches....and devoured the lot. I needed to have extra as starting late I wouldn't be entiltled to a smoko break at 10am. For lunch made myself a ham, cheese & salad wrap and an apple...and that kept me going till dinner time. And I was lucky enough to finish early too....

When I got home found a message on phone from OPSM saying my new glasses were ready so I hopped back into the car and headed in to pick them up....what do you think?
Dinner was a steak & salad sandwich...all good & on track still. Weigh in tomorrow night....hopefully a loss!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Early finish Tuesday

I got my wish and finished work early today. Sure helped as I was able to post some parcels, get a few things from the shop for the kids on Saturday as well as get to and do some cooking. On Thursday after our weigh in and meeting we will be having a supper and each person brings a plate. I got to and made a bacon and leek pie for the supper and some muffins for the freezer. While I was waiting for the muffins to cook I received a phone call from work telling me I have a late start in the morning...not required to 9am. Must remember to have a big breakfast and a extra coffee....starting that late there will be no smoko break and I will have to work throu to lunch. Geeee hope starting later doesn't mean we will be working later....I am liking these early finishes!
Anyways another day totally on track .... starting the day with a 30 minute walk. Woke up at the usual time, rolled over and dozed for 10 minutes umming and ahhing about getting up thinking maybe one day without a walk won't hurt BUT decided it would so got up and donned the joggers.
Leaving you with a pic of the latest hair cut and colour....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday ....

What a day!
Left for work on time but due to roadworks arrived at work 5 minutes later than normal, so had to rush around getting the machines all up and ready to go...but I got there. Tomorrow I'll leave a little earlier !
Tried Special K chocolae flakes for breakkie this morning, very chocolatey, tasty and filling. Love my chocolate but seemed very strange eating it for breakkie :-)
Tuna, sliced plastic cheese and crackers followed by a tub of yogurt for lunch.
Finish work an hour earlier so that gave me time to zip into Bunbury and pick up Skye's chrissy present from Shawn ready for him to give on Saturday. Its his access visit and his and the kids Chrissy should be fun. Any idea's as to what to give them for their lunch?
I also picked up to two wii games, one each for Caitlin & Ashlee (Paul's girls) as Santa is giving them a wi for chrissy. Stopped at the post office and picked up a couple of postage bags, my job this evening is to wrap a few pressies and prepare for posting ofter work tomorrow.
Just finished a yummy scotch fillet steak, a half of potato, slice of pumpkin and other vegies for dinner.
Off to make a coffee now....
cyaaa tomorrow....

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday evening.

geeeeeee where has the weekend just flown by.
Skye had a great evening, slept all night and woke up at nearly 7.30 and then devoured 2 boiled eggs and toast soldiers !
Hannah rang me later on in the morning and said she would be a little late in picking up Skye as her house was broken into last night and had to wait for the police.
Shawn rang soon after and said he had just had a phone call from Hannah and she asked him where he was last night, virtually accusing him of breaking in and trashing her place.
Welllll boy was I fuming...when she did get here I let her have it both barrels....I was not happy!! How dare she?
The avo is still in place, Shawn is not allowed any contact with her, be within 100 meters of her house BUT she is allowed to do whatever!
After she left, I quickly dashed off into town again....and completed Kylee and Stephens chrissy parcel...that will be posted tomorrow. Just about done now...happy about that.
Another day all on track....that halo of mine is starting to glow!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today has been a busy day.

Started the day with a 50 minute early morning walk, came home, cooked breakfast of grilled tomato and bacon on a piece of toast....and coffee!

Washing done, cleaned and then went off into town to pick up Skye. Organised to "accidently " run into Shawn so he could see his big girl. The smiles on their faces at their "surprise" meeting was one I will treasure.
After the catch up, achieved a whole pile of xmas gift shopping, had a great helper in Skye thou I didn't get as much done as I hoped. Maybe tomorrow....
Had lunch in town...a chicken and salad wrap (no cheese or dressings) for me...chips and chicken nuggets for Skye.
Home and play time with Skye....colouring in, sticker books, play dough (afternoon tea of diet jelly & yogurt)....and then cooking dinner. Steak and sandwich for hubby and I and Skye wanted scrambled eggs from the freshly laid eggs she collected out of the chook pen this arvo...
A great day with my lovely girl, and a day on track....
nite nite

Friday, December 10, 2010

Counting down

Yesterday it was exactly 6 weeks till my last day at work before our holiday to Tassie. wowwwww 6 weeks, or 42 days.....not long to go now. I am on the countdown.
The last 2 days I have been a real "Miss Piggy" ..... honestly don't know why but I should know better, it only makes it harder on me!! Think it was knowing that I didn't have to weigh in on the Thursday night and that we were having our ww dinner instead.... sheeeeeez any excuse ehhh? The dinner wasn't all that good anyways.....was disappointed in a lot of the meal. The night out and the company was great though!
NOW I have to pull my finger out and get tracking and excersing again and try and lose what I may have gained plus extra. Next Thursday is my last weigh in of the year at my meeting. But I will be weighing in once a week at home for my Pro-points At Home program...wellllllllll I will if it ever arrives! Its still not here yet. I was under the impression from a email I had received that it was on its way....but noooooooooo it hasn't even been sent yet, they apologised in another email received yesterday saying they were waiting for a out of stock item and it should be posted Monday. I am soooooooo disappointed in them and the wait, why wasn't I told all this when I rang and ordered.....if I had known it was going to taking this long I wouldn't have wasted my money....would have done it online instead.
Anyways from today I am making a commitment to myself to a daily blog entry, tracking my days online....a extra incentive to me to keep me on track. I would like to lose some more weight and get as close as I can to my goal before I leave for Tassie.
All else is going well.
I have made my booking for the surgeon, I see him after our holiday. When speaking to his receptionist she said as I have private health cover I can virtually chose when to have the op for my veins done and unless it was urgent I should leave it till winter as I will have to have support stocking s on all day.....summer is not an ideal time to be wearing those!!
Shawn is going real well, still has his " off " days but they are few and far between now. The people he was working for have called him back and for the last week or so he has been back at work....that has helped him and his self esteem money wise it has been a great boost as Shaz was doing seasonal work and that finished last week !
Bye for now....will be back tomorrow for my daily post.

Friday, December 03, 2010


yay thankfully its Friday again....another long week done ! I got my pay slip today and even having last Friday off I still managed to do over 80 hours for the fortnight! I am tired, and seeing that payslip I can see part of the reason why!! The other part is menopause....its totally sux....wish it would just disappear...heck I am 55 in a couple of months, surely its time. This week I have had to suffer TTOM...where they come from or why I have no idea, but the stomach cramps and bloating is something I just didn't need or want! Guess thats why I only lost a 100grams at weigh in last night. I'd had a great week too! Today I have given myself a free day....just couldn't be bothered eating/tracking and doing everything right! I so need a change, wish my propoints kits would hurry up and arrive. Think what I am doing is getting somewhat stale...need something/everything to change!
Next week is our Christmas dinner for our weight loss group so no weigh in....but I will get myself back on track in the morning and see what I can do. I still do want to be as close to goal as I can for our holiday.
Tomorrow heading off to get my haircut and coloured....looking forward to that...its getting too long. Then its chrissy needs to be finished !