Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas

No post last night as it was our work christmas "do " It was a great night, lovely food, never ending drinks and lots of laughs....a very enjoyable night after a long hard day.

Woke up late yesterday morning, very unlike me to sleep throu the alarm but I did. No time for a walk, no time to pack a planned healthy lunch, or have a good healthy filling all good intentions went flying out the window.
And today...started the day with all good intentions, up early and went out walking...then Shawn arrived, followed soon after by his kids.....and by lunchtime I was eating all the festive food I supplied for the kids early Christmas with their daddy.
ahhhhhhhh well tomorrow is a new day. And I hope to get back on the wagon and start on the new ww propoints. My kit arrived FINALLY on Friday.

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