Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday ....

What a day!
Left for work on time but due to roadworks arrived at work 5 minutes later than normal, so had to rush around getting the machines all up and ready to go...but I got there. Tomorrow I'll leave a little earlier !
Tried Special K chocolae flakes for breakkie this morning, very chocolatey, tasty and filling. Love my chocolate but seemed very strange eating it for breakkie :-)
Tuna, sliced plastic cheese and crackers followed by a tub of yogurt for lunch.
Finish work an hour earlier so that gave me time to zip into Bunbury and pick up Skye's chrissy present from Shawn ready for him to give on Saturday. Its his access visit and his and the kids Chrissy should be fun. Any idea's as to what to give them for their lunch?
I also picked up to two wii games, one each for Caitlin & Ashlee (Paul's girls) as Santa is giving them a wi for chrissy. Stopped at the post office and picked up a couple of postage bags, my job this evening is to wrap a few pressies and prepare for posting ofter work tomorrow.
Just finished a yummy scotch fillet steak, a half of potato, slice of pumpkin and other vegies for dinner.
Off to make a coffee now....
cyaaa tomorrow....

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