Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today has been a busy day.

Started the day with a 50 minute early morning walk, came home, cooked breakfast of grilled tomato and bacon on a piece of toast....and coffee!

Washing done, cleaned and then went off into town to pick up Skye. Organised to "accidently " run into Shawn so he could see his big girl. The smiles on their faces at their "surprise" meeting was one I will treasure.
After the catch up, achieved a whole pile of xmas gift shopping, had a great helper in Skye thou I didn't get as much done as I hoped. Maybe tomorrow....
Had lunch in town...a chicken and salad wrap (no cheese or dressings) for me...chips and chicken nuggets for Skye.
Home and play time with Skye....colouring in, sticker books, play dough (afternoon tea of diet jelly & yogurt)....and then cooking dinner. Steak and sandwich for hubby and I and Skye wanted scrambled eggs from the freshly laid eggs she collected out of the chook pen this arvo...
A great day with my lovely girl, and a day on track....
nite nite


  1. Special times with your Skye:-) I feel so pleased that we came to visit, not just meeting you but now when you update I can envisage exactly where you live.

  2. Awww...what a nice day for you with Skye. It is a great photo:) Well done on staying on track too with all that shopping going on!