Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Late start Wednesday

Managed to have a bit of a lay in this morning as I didn't have to start work till 9am. I got up at 6 and said cya to Ted, donned the joggers and took off with my discman and earphones as per usual and walked for an felt good!

Home, made myself a big breakfast of cereal, skim milk, banana & peaches....and devoured the lot. I needed to have extra as starting late I wouldn't be entiltled to a smoko break at 10am. For lunch made myself a ham, cheese & salad wrap and an apple...and that kept me going till dinner time. And I was lucky enough to finish early too....

When I got home found a message on phone from OPSM saying my new glasses were ready so I hopped back into the car and headed in to pick them up....what do you think?
Dinner was a steak & salad sandwich...all good & on track still. Weigh in tomorrow night....hopefully a loss!!


  1. woot :) those glasses look cool :) very nice...


  2. A loss for you will be well deserved:-)

  3. The glasses look lovely... and you look like a cute little imp! lol