Monday, November 29, 2010

Long weekend

Gina, Robyn, Marian & Carol (standing)

My weekend began on Friday when I had the day off that I booked off over a month ago when we organised the "meet & greet" of a few of us from the "At Home" weight watchers group that I particate on, on the weight watchers site online.
I travelled up to Mandurah where I met up with Robyn, then hopped onto the train and made our way to the city. Rob & I are both real country bumpkins and don't know our way around the city at all...but we managed to find our way to the meeting place (and back to the station 5 hours later with out getting lost).
We all got on like a house on fire and ate, drank coffee and chatted & was an absolutely wonderful day! I didn't want it to end.
But end it did....
I was only home an hour then Simon and Tracey dropped off their kids, they stayed over Friday & Saturday night. They are great kids and always behave for me. I took them up to the pool Saturday arvo after we grocery shopped and had was hot and they had a ball. They slept like babies that night.
Sunday Shawn had his access visit here so I had his 4 kids here as well. Skye had her 7th birthday during the week so I asked Tanya & Paul to bring their 3 out and we had a little party for Skye. It was wonderful...I had 11 out of my 12 grandies here....and even managed a pic of the 11 together !! And a lovely pic of my 6 gorgeous grandaughters. The kids all had a blast....and despite all the goodies thet were there for the "get together" I managed to stay on track.
p.s. Anne, the grandie missing is Luke, he is 14 and lives in Perth with his mother. He is Paul's son from his 1st relationship.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I nailed it !!!

Have had a great week...I have tracked 100% ... my motto was "if I bite it, I write it " and it worked, weigh in was tonight and it was goodbye to 1.5 kilo's. Last weeks gain has gone plus a little extra....happy with that as I worked hard to nail that !! I hated that gain !!
Am off to Peth tomorrow to meet some fellow weight watchers...then back home to a houseful of grandies....have Simon and Tracey dropping off their 4 who will be staying over tomorrow and Saturday night...and on Sunday Shawn has his access visit here so there will another 4. Its going to be fun, might ring Paul and Tanya and get them to bring out their 3 to join in. Skye turned 7 last week so we will be having a little party with icecream cake for her.
Will be back with some more after the weekend with lots of pics....

Friday, November 19, 2010

I bit the bullet....

After hearing so much about the new ww program pro-points I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered the "At Home" kit. They are just waiting on my cheque to arrive and then will send it to me....should have it in 2 weeks.

I love the meeting I go to now, its different, its relaxed and more social than any other group I have been too so I thought I'd make my At Home weigh in the same day as my group weigh in.
And while on the subject of the "At Home" program I quite often get on the ww community boards and my favourite for the last 5 or more years has been the At Home one. Over the years I have been "chatting" regulary with a few of them....and after all this time 5 of us are all getting together and having a "meet and greet" in Perth next Friday. I am so looking forward to that, I organised the day off weeks ago.

And talking about weigh ins...I went to mine last night and the results were NOT good. I gained 1.2 kilo's...sheeeeeeez!! I was hoping I had at least stayed the same but despite all my efforts of counting my points and tracking 100% I was disappointed. I did have a blow out last Thursday night, plus had 2 pieces of cake at the 60th on Saturday night....and for the rest of the week I walked everyday and had 18 to 20 points.

I know its not all FAT that has caused the gain....another thing that I bit the bullet about has been my leg. I have various veins very badly in my right leg, it is mostly swollen to about 2 cm's bigger than my left one but it has never given me any grief till this last week. We have had a very busy week at work and I have worked overtime most days and standing constantly caused it to swell even more, quite a lot more, and throb. After 2 nights of pain in my leg I rang my Drs for an appointment and I am going to see what can be done...and how soon ?? Appointment is early next week. Think I have left it long enough.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Damn it !!

I had a easier week this week, work wise as well as "diet" wise...all seemed to be going well so I thought ahhhh I am in for a hassle free week.
Shawn went to court on Monday for his drunk and disorderly....he LOST his drivers liciense for 3 months for "intending to drive drunk" .... and a $360 fine.
On Tuesday he went back to work (Shaz dropping him off as she went to work) and yesterday he was told he no longer had a job....the job apparently requires him to have a liciense. He rang yesterday, despondent but okay.....he was more worried that Shaz was going to be irrate with him again. Haven't heard anymore from him so fingers crossed he/they can get throu this.
Kylee is missing her mum ... now Christmas is getting closer she always gets homesick. But it won't be too long and we'll be heading thataway as we go head off on our Tassie trip. Its ONLY 60 days before we hit the road on the start of that trip.....geeeeeee must get too and book the Tassie Princess before we miss out on the date we want.....
We'll spend a few days with Kylee before we board the boat and of course some time on our return before we head home across the nullabour again....and Kylee and Stephen will be flying home a few days later for Tracey and Simons weddding....
Last night was weigh in again...goodbye to 500 grams.....then I come home and blew it.....bugger me and my emotional eating...

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kids today

Last night Shawn was still very teary, was still not eating, still very much in shock about what he had done and missing Shaz so much. He spent a good 2 hours chatting to her on the phone last night.

This morning he was feeling a little more positive though he still wasn't eating, still teary but the trembling had stopped. He was looking very much so to his kids coming out and spending the day with us.

This morning my friend and I met up at 8am and went for a 30 minute walk then went in for an hour session of zumba again. I am still not very coordinated but heck I really enjoyed it today....and worked up quite a sweat. When I arrived home Shawn was on the phone to his Shaz again so progress was being made.

After a hectic 6 hours with the kids....I took Shawn back to his house in town....he was spending tonight getting the house back in order and Shaz is going back tomorrow. They are going to give it another go...Shawn has learnt his lesson this time I think, I hope....time will tell.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The shit has hit the fan.... other words Shawn lost the plot again.
His house was broken in to on Thursday and with that something clicked inside his head, he got angry, got drinking and the temper exploded. It scared his Shaz and she left him as she was scared today, Shawn then drank some more, got picked up by the police for drunk and disorderly conduct and I now have him here. He is a mess...a blubbering trembling crying mess. Think finally the truth has sunk in. I went and saw his lady today, and she thinks she'll give him a second chance, she loves him...but there will be conditions. I think he'll do anything to win her back...I have never seen him in this state before.
god my stomach is a big quivering mess of jelly....I am so scared for him. Know what ever he did has scared Shaz, and I know what he is can be capable of, and so was Shaz as she has seen him like this before, but I am so scared .... scared that he'll fail again...and that I will lose him all together....
All these months and only a few minor hiccups with him and now this....was I expecting too much...god damn it, I was.

good news..lost 500g at weigh in last night.