Friday, November 05, 2010

The shit has hit the fan.... other words Shawn lost the plot again.
His house was broken in to on Thursday and with that something clicked inside his head, he got angry, got drinking and the temper exploded. It scared his Shaz and she left him as she was scared today, Shawn then drank some more, got picked up by the police for drunk and disorderly conduct and I now have him here. He is a mess...a blubbering trembling crying mess. Think finally the truth has sunk in. I went and saw his lady today, and she thinks she'll give him a second chance, she loves him...but there will be conditions. I think he'll do anything to win her back...I have never seen him in this state before.
god my stomach is a big quivering mess of jelly....I am so scared for him. Know what ever he did has scared Shaz, and I know what he is can be capable of, and so was Shaz as she has seen him like this before, but I am so scared .... scared that he'll fail again...and that I will lose him all together....
All these months and only a few minor hiccups with him and now this....was I expecting too much...god damn it, I was.

good news..lost 500g at weigh in last night.


  1. SO hard but maybe something like this had to happen for him to realise why he gets out of control and it my help him. What I'm trying to say I think is that he may have learned something from this and be in more control next time something goes wrong in his life. I don't think you were expecting too much, Shawn has shown that he's on a better road and can move on from here.

  2. Oh how awful for you - and Shaz too. But I, like Anne, am hoping that he's had a big enough fright to want to change for good - he's shown he can do it for months and months at a time so he is capable of living that kind of life. But so so hard for you to have to go through this with him. But well done on the loss Zxx

  3. Maybe, just maybe he has learnt a lesson from this?