Friday, November 12, 2010

Damn it !!

I had a easier week this week, work wise as well as "diet" wise...all seemed to be going well so I thought ahhhh I am in for a hassle free week.
Shawn went to court on Monday for his drunk and disorderly....he LOST his drivers liciense for 3 months for "intending to drive drunk" .... and a $360 fine.
On Tuesday he went back to work (Shaz dropping him off as she went to work) and yesterday he was told he no longer had a job....the job apparently requires him to have a liciense. He rang yesterday, despondent but okay.....he was more worried that Shaz was going to be irrate with him again. Haven't heard anymore from him so fingers crossed he/they can get throu this.
Kylee is missing her mum ... now Christmas is getting closer she always gets homesick. But it won't be too long and we'll be heading thataway as we go head off on our Tassie trip. Its ONLY 60 days before we hit the road on the start of that trip.....geeeeeee must get too and book the Tassie Princess before we miss out on the date we want.....
We'll spend a few days with Kylee before we board the boat and of course some time on our return before we head home across the nullabour again....and Kylee and Stephen will be flying home a few days later for Tracey and Simons weddding....
Last night was weigh in again...goodbye to 500 grams.....then I come home and blew it.....bugger me and my emotional eating...


  1. Yes but you're still 500g lighter than last week - that's brilliant. Counting down is such fun Zxx

  2. Any loss is a good one.

    Damn about Shawn, I don't know but I don't think they would do that here for "intending to drive drunk". Hope it works out, once again maybe the "wake up" c0ll for him.

  3. Poor Shawn.. he never gets a break does he.
    Emotional eating... *sigh*... I know all about that.

  4. Re: cards... depends what ya want girl...but no doubt I can do it! Just ask mate.

  5. You lost 500g and had a bit of a binge on weigh-in day. Girl you have a whole week to atone - get to it. Congratulations by the way. With all the things that are going on around you, you are doing so well.