Friday, November 19, 2010

I bit the bullet....

After hearing so much about the new ww program pro-points I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered the "At Home" kit. They are just waiting on my cheque to arrive and then will send it to me....should have it in 2 weeks.

I love the meeting I go to now, its different, its relaxed and more social than any other group I have been too so I thought I'd make my At Home weigh in the same day as my group weigh in.
And while on the subject of the "At Home" program I quite often get on the ww community boards and my favourite for the last 5 or more years has been the At Home one. Over the years I have been "chatting" regulary with a few of them....and after all this time 5 of us are all getting together and having a "meet and greet" in Perth next Friday. I am so looking forward to that, I organised the day off weeks ago.

And talking about weigh ins...I went to mine last night and the results were NOT good. I gained 1.2 kilo's...sheeeeeeez!! I was hoping I had at least stayed the same but despite all my efforts of counting my points and tracking 100% I was disappointed. I did have a blow out last Thursday night, plus had 2 pieces of cake at the 60th on Saturday night....and for the rest of the week I walked everyday and had 18 to 20 points.

I know its not all FAT that has caused the gain....another thing that I bit the bullet about has been my leg. I have various veins very badly in my right leg, it is mostly swollen to about 2 cm's bigger than my left one but it has never given me any grief till this last week. We have had a very busy week at work and I have worked overtime most days and standing constantly caused it to swell even more, quite a lot more, and throb. After 2 nights of pain in my leg I rang my Drs for an appointment and I am going to see what can be done...and how soon ?? Appointment is early next week. Think I have left it long enough.


  1. Wish I was closer to join in the get together in Perth! Always remember that it was the At Home Board that I met you and of these days! Hope you all have a great catch up! I don't get on the WW site much at all now.
    That leg looks nasty Jen. Hope the doc can do something not too painful. Take it easy (easier said than done) but try anyway.

  2. I hope you have a blast at the get-together! My legs swell and trob too... probably due to v.veins... I hope the Dr can help you with yours.
    I'm told having them stipped out is really painful!

  3. Get that ankle looked at immediately. Hopefully it is just fluid retention from standing on it for long periods but the pain bit is worrying.
    Look after yourself