Thursday, November 25, 2010

I nailed it !!!

Have had a great week...I have tracked 100% ... my motto was "if I bite it, I write it " and it worked, weigh in was tonight and it was goodbye to 1.5 kilo's. Last weeks gain has gone plus a little extra....happy with that as I worked hard to nail that !! I hated that gain !!
Am off to Peth tomorrow to meet some fellow weight watchers...then back home to a houseful of grandies....have Simon and Tracey dropping off their 4 who will be staying over tomorrow and Saturday night...and on Sunday Shawn has his access visit here so there will another 4. Its going to be fun, might ring Paul and Tanya and get them to bring out their 3 to join in. Skye turned 7 last week so we will be having a little party with icecream cake for her.
Will be back with some more after the weekend with lots of pics....

1 comment:

  1. Let me see, how late am I - oh, only 5 days.
    Congratulations for that great loss. Am so jealous but I know how you feel. After my gain this week I actually weighed myself this morning to make sure I was back on track - everything seems to be going to plan, but you know the say - the best laid plans etc.
    Hope your meal with FWW was great.