Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A month of weight watchers...

….. and I am thrilled to bits with a 2.9 loss for the month, 8cm gone…and I have achieved my 1st goal and lost 5% of what I need to lose. 

Its not been easy, but I am a lot more determined. Meeting last night was about commitment…and I committed myself to going to every meeting and staying for the talk.  Of course, there will a time when I can't but its going to have to be a good reason as to why I can't.

On that note, its nearly dinner time…so I am going to leave you with a pic of our little man who is 5 months old today.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Feeling determined

Shawn with his birthday boy Shayden

Yesterday I was meeting up with Shawn ( the troublesome one) to spend a couple of hours together before picking up his kids after school and having a little party for Shaydens 6th birthday which was on Wednesday.  Had been speaking to him earlier in the day and he seemed to be looking forward to it. Get there to pick him up and he was in one of "his moods"!! Obviously he had a argument with Shaz and then had a "bong" coz I could smell it on him. I ignored the mood till he started on me and said I only wanted to be with him today so I could tell what a mess up of his life he had made!!  I told him to get his shit together or I would drop him off at centrelink and go home..and he could ring his kids and tell them why he was acting liking a prick. With that I pulled up at centrelink, said do I stay or go while you go in and do what you had to do? He asked me to stay.  By this time I am absolutely starving as we were meant to be going to lunch so I had nothing before leaving home.  Anyways he comes out and apologises for being an asshole and we head off to Subway. I was not going to do what I usually do and eat my emotions. Shawn when he is like this is foul, the filth that pours out of his mouth is unbelievable…I use to wonder where did I go wrong.  Not now I don't, he chose to be like this, we did warn him…he knows where he went wrong, but I don't think he realises how unstable the cannabis has made him, or how physcotic he really is. 
Anyways it all turned out for the better, he shut up and seemed to enjoy the rest of his time with me, I think mainly because I bought him some tobacco and real smokes….and preceded to have a great hour or so with his kids at the park before the weather changed for the worse.  He truly does love his kids..and they know it and love him too.

The best thing about the day was, I resisted bad choices. I could have had a big greasy hamburger for lunch, but I chose subway. I could have stopped off at KFC, Red Rooster or Chicken Treat and bought a meal home after I dropped Shawn off….but I didn't. I stopped off at the supermarket and bought a cooked chicken, some coleslaw and I made us chicken and salad for dinner.  Go me…and its all thanks to Chris and the weight loss support group. The support is amazing. I DO have support at my ww group, but thats only once a week. This group is keeping me determined to stay on track.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This week...

Kylee took these pics today, isn't he just the happiest little chappy out…just love that grin of his. 

And this one was a full on laugh…not very often that he isn't smiling, his mum was much the same.

Been a full on day here today, woke up to rain this morning, it was pelting down when Deb came for our "jabber walk" so that didn't happen. We will walk if its just a drizzle, but it was just too heavy this morning.   But i think I got my steps in at work, as it pelted down on and off for most of the day…so trying to keep the floors dry kept me moving.  Got home tonight and I fell in a heap in my chair.

Well I had weigh in last night, a 100g gain showed. I wasn't expecting it, but on checking my tracking I realised it was my fault. Not only did I eat TOO much cheese,  my exercise was down to what it should have been.  So this week, I am going from healthy and filling and go back to counting points. I don't want to stay counting as I enjoy the relaxed program of healthy and filling so will only do this till I sort out this small gain.

Not much else is happening in the world of Jen, so I'll say goodnight till next time. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Another week down...

Hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day.
I did nothing special. I saw my mum last weekend so didn't travel down to see her this weekend, but I did ring her and have a good natter with her.
I didn't see any of my kids, but I did here from all 4 of them so that made me happy.
In the afternoon we went up and saw Ted's mum….she was in 7th heaven as all her "boys" visited her…whilst we were there Ted's youngest brother called in too….and Ben had already visited.

Anyways, nothing much happening. I have work for the next 3 days, then on Friday I am heading up to Rockingham to catch up with my 2 best girlfriends. I will pick up Robyn in Mandurah and we'll be able to natter together before we meet up with Carol who is driving down from Perth.  My shopping list has only one item on it…a mini i-pad…

Right, weigh in tonight, 400 grams gone. I have worked hard for that this week, let myself down with exercise…but will do better this week. 
Stayed for the meeting, finding it is keeping me motivated, then came home and ate my pre-cooked dinner while watching my tv show.

Now..its goodnight from me. 

Monday, May 05, 2014

A to Z of me….

A is all about acceptance. I must learn to take and receive advise offered to me. I am a good one for giving it to others but not understanding and accepting it from others. 
B is all about books. Ahh I love books and reading, nothing better than curling up on the lounge in front of the fire…or in bed with a good book.
C is for our cruise….roll on March next year.
D is for diet….say no more!
E is for feeling like an ELEPHANT!! 
F is for family. Love all mine, though boy sometimes they do frustrate me too!!
G is for grandchildren…whats that saying..If I knew grandkids were going to be this much fun I would have had them first.!! My eldest is now 18, then I have 3 pre-teens, a 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 2 x 6, a 5 year old, then adopted 4 year olds…and our little William.  oh boy where have all the years gone. Now they are older I don't get to see them often as I would like.
H is for husband. Nearly 33 years together and still going strong, though in saying that it hasn't always been easy. 
I is for me..it is all about me. This is my time, to learn to love me again. 
J is for jumpers….had to drag mine out these past few days, its getting cold. Fire has been lit these past few nights.
K is for kids, whether they be mine or my grandkids….love having little ones in my life.
L is for love…it sure does make the world a happier place.
M is for mums. My mum is 85 soon. I saw her on Sunday, and she is looking so frail. Happy to see she has put on a few kilo's…she was down to 48 kilo's a few months back. And there is Ted's mum, she is 89 in August and now can't walk without a walker. She has had a few falls of late and now as a result of the last one an ulcer has formed on her leg from a graze that didn't heal. A real worry both of them.
N is for nip..nor the weather has cooled down I have been enjoying a "wee nip" of port of an evening. It helps me relax after a days work, and it helps me sleep too.
O is for overseas. Hope to do a few trips after the cruise. One on the cards is another trip to New Zealand as we only stop at a few places on the cruise. Would love to go to Canada, don't think we can afford that…not unless we win lotto.
P is for people. In my job I come across some very rude ones that think cleaners are the lowest of the low. I don't care…I work hard in my job and take pride in what I do. 
Q is for quote…and my quote at the moment is I can do, and I will do...
R is for relief. Relieved that I saw the deal on ww and I jumped at it by raiding my savings. Relieved coz I won't like wasting my money…as so far week two I am already keeping myself in the zone...
S is for star sign. I am a Pisces..It's a pair of Fish that represents Pisces, a symbol that prompts others to suggest that these people 'go with the flow' and 'don't make waves.' Both of these labels are true, since Pisces are fluid and easy-going. The fact that two fish (as opposed to one) represent the members of this sign also speaks to the duality of Pisces, their yin and yang sensibility. Pisces alternate between reality and non-reality in keeping with their introspective natures.  Pisces can be hard to pin down, prompting some to call them the chameleons of the zodiac. Pisces are compassionate, charitable and will quickly put the needs of others ahead of their own. It's this kind of self-sacrifice that keeps these folks going. The flip side to their giving natures is that the oft-timid Fish are likely to be taken advantage of by less well-meaning souls. This is so me…I am told I am a real pisces.
T is for travel. Trip this year will be just up to Carnarvon to see daughter and William. Next year we have the cruise and trip to Queensland planned.
U is for understanding…something fortunately that my husband is. 
V is for victory…I will win this weight battle…again.
W is for William, love that I saw him briefly this weekend. 
X is for X-ray…got to go in for one soon.
Y is for you…yes you reading this…without you and your support I am on my own…thank you for being there.
Z is for Zumba…must get out my DVD and do it now that the weather is becoming crappy and cold.

Kylee traveled down from Carnarvon on the weekend, arriving Friday night towing a big trailer to pick up all her household stuff she had stored here. She and Garry needed it all now that they have their own place. I had the pleasure of looking after this lil one while Kylee sorted out all her gear and loaded it all in the trailer. We had a few family members come around Friday night for dinner to see them so the lil man had smiles for everyone…and it was great for them to see Kylee as heck knows when they will make it down this way…they are stony broke now. Anyways Saturday lunchtime Kylee was gone again….and made it back to Carnarvon safe and sound. 

Right…to end this tonight…it was weigh in night, 1.1 gone. Roll on next week, menu's to plan now, so goodnight till next time.