Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This week...

Kylee took these pics today, isn't he just the happiest little chappy out…just love that grin of his. 

And this one was a full on laugh…not very often that he isn't smiling, his mum was much the same.

Been a full on day here today, woke up to rain this morning, it was pelting down when Deb came for our "jabber walk" so that didn't happen. We will walk if its just a drizzle, but it was just too heavy this morning.   But i think I got my steps in at work, as it pelted down on and off for most of the day…so trying to keep the floors dry kept me moving.  Got home tonight and I fell in a heap in my chair.

Well I had weigh in last night, a 100g gain showed. I wasn't expecting it, but on checking my tracking I realised it was my fault. Not only did I eat TOO much cheese,  my exercise was down to what it should have been.  So this week, I am going from healthy and filling and go back to counting points. I don't want to stay counting as I enjoy the relaxed program of healthy and filling so will only do this till I sort out this small gain.

Not much else is happening in the world of Jen, so I'll say goodnight till next time. 


  1. A small gain like that should be easy to get rid of next week - keep up the good work !
    Have a wonderful week !

  2. Jen, I did send you an email.
    Maybe I have the wrong email address. I sent it to: jenhoon40@hotmail.com IF it's the wrong one, let me know. stewandchris@hotmail.com

  3. What a beautiful wee boy, and the 100 grams is just a small poo or a little wee :)

  4. Jen.... answer me! I found another email address for you, so will try that one too.