Monday, September 29, 2008

Going down......

Another weigh in and I am going down ..... yayyyyyy for Jen as I back in the 60's again with a loss of 800grams this week. Proud of that effort as I have struggled with cramping pains in my back and leg which has made excersise very difficult, but keeping tracking track seems to have kept me on track.

Saturday morning I had a big rush around to find a hairdresser to cut my hair, I had a wedding to attend on Sunday and had left it too late to book in to my usual hairdresser. But find one I did.....and I had my hair cut short....what do you think? I like it this short, so easy to maintain espesially with my work.

Yesterday a very good friend of mine got married, the rain even cleared up for her as she walked up her garden drive on her Dad's arm....ahhhhh yeahhh had a few tears in the eyes I did. Lucky bugger is off on Thursday for 2 weeks honeymoon in Bali.

Things are still quiet in Shawns world, I have spoken to him a few times this past week, he still hasn't got work but is still actively looking and he seems to be in a good frame of mind and is staying out of trouble, or so he says .... so alls good.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I here again...

Hi...I back. Nothing exciting has been happening in the world of Jen. Had a busy week at work, spent the weekend at home pottering around catching up on chores and doing some gardening.
Even all is quiet in troublesome sons world....welllll shhhhhh it must be as I haven't heard from him!!!
Have one excited daughter at the moment thou...she was never a real footy fan when living at home but in the 5 years she has been living over in Melbourne her fiancee, who is a mad keen sportman, has got her right into following the afl footy. Their team is Hawthorn and they were there on Saturday night at the MCG to watch them win their way into the grand final next weekend. This morning they were getting tickets to go and watch....... expensive yep, do they care, it will be there way of celebrating their 5 year anniversary too. Time has flown baby has been over in Melbourne 5 years now!!!
Anyways on the weight front.....had another great week as far as tracking and excersing was concerned ... and despite TTOM paying a very unwelcome visit I stayed focused, resisted cravings and lost another down to 70.2
Onwards and downwards....cyaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday weigh in

yep...... it was Monday morning weigh in and I can tell ya I was one happy chicky....
I got up, I wee'ed, I weighed, rubbed my eyes, then weighed again.....and yep the scales said the same thing I got dressed then went on my walk very happily.
Don't think I have ever gone to work as happy as I did this morning...espesially on a Monday!!
I have lost 2.9 kilo's since last Saturday morning and now weigh 71.2
Onwards and downwards........

Friday, September 05, 2008

Tomorrow is....


I am sick of being dishonest to myself.

Yeaaaaaaaa I have been sick, yeaaaaaaa I have had a fair bit of stress to deal with ....BUT that in all honesty does not excuse me from falling back into old bad habits. Only me and being dishonest to myself and laziness does.

Yep everyone I am talking about my weight...heck knows what it is, I am too scared to hop on the scales....but I will in the morning. My journey restarts then. I have to do something before I lose the plot completely. The days have just been going by and even thou I have had some good days and bad days....I have been avoiding the truth of how lazy I have become. I have been tracking the last few weeks as I said I would, but if I had a bad day...did I do anything about it? Nooooooooooooo, just thought to myself, ahhhhhhhh tomorrow will be a better day....and if it wasn't, well the next one would be. Get the picture....???
So tomorrow....the new beginning. NO lies to myself ....
Cyaaaaaa on my updates....
Its Saturday morning ...... just a quick update....weighed in on my scales this morning....mmmm not good. 74.1
Been for a 45 minute walk and feel good ....
I will weigh Monday mornings, no good weighing Saturday mornings, too tempted to relax over weekend.
Soooooooo its onwards and downwards.......