Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday weigh in

yep...... it was Monday morning weigh in and I can tell ya I was one happy chicky....
I got up, I wee'ed, I weighed, rubbed my eyes, then weighed again.....and yep the scales said the same thing I got dressed then went on my walk very happily.
Don't think I have ever gone to work as happy as I did this morning...espesially on a Monday!!
I have lost 2.9 kilo's since last Saturday morning and now weigh 71.2
Onwards and downwards........


  1. How bloody fantastic! Well done you. Have managed to be quite focussed myself this week but haven't had quite as spectacular results Z xx

  2. Omg.. thats awesome girl!!! I weigh 71.1 at the moment.. haha
    Maybe I need to get my butt into gear before you fly right past me into those 60's!!! arghhhhh

  3. You really pulled up those socks!!! Great result Jen - you must be thrilled! I'm doing better too, no idea what the scales say though.

  4. HELLS BELLS what an awesome result, well done chick!