Monday, September 22, 2008

I here again...

Hi...I back. Nothing exciting has been happening in the world of Jen. Had a busy week at work, spent the weekend at home pottering around catching up on chores and doing some gardening.
Even all is quiet in troublesome sons world....welllll shhhhhh it must be as I haven't heard from him!!!
Have one excited daughter at the moment thou...she was never a real footy fan when living at home but in the 5 years she has been living over in Melbourne her fiancee, who is a mad keen sportman, has got her right into following the afl footy. Their team is Hawthorn and they were there on Saturday night at the MCG to watch them win their way into the grand final next weekend. This morning they were getting tickets to go and watch....... expensive yep, do they care, it will be there way of celebrating their 5 year anniversary too. Time has flown baby has been over in Melbourne 5 years now!!!
Anyways on the weight front.....had another great week as far as tracking and excersing was concerned ... and despite TTOM paying a very unwelcome visit I stayed focused, resisted cravings and lost another down to 70.2
Onwards and downwards....cyaaaaaaaaaa


  1. well done on another great loss jen.

    rach xx

  2. Well done Jen... another kilo down!!! Nearly hit those 60's again...
    I managed to do it last week... but things not looking good for this week... TTOTM and on ikky drugs that make you retain fluid... ummm prednisolin (sp?)
    oh well hopefully not on them for too long..
    Keep p the gr8 work Jen... lets get rid of these 70's forever!

  3. I'm another one wanting to get out of the 70's - seem to be going in the wrong direction though! Well done Jen!!!!

    Hope all is well with your son.