Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today is day 11

Today is day 11 of my challenge to myself….and I am going well.
Tuesday was weigh in day, lost 600g and was happy with that. Would have loved more of course, a kilo would have been nice then I would have reached my 10% but that means this week I will be doing my best to get that dratted 10%. Heck knows for the last month I have been so close yet so far from it!!

I had my granddaughter over for the weekend, such a delight to have. Took her out with her Daddy on Saturday morning after I picked her up so as she could spend her money that her Daddy and I both gave her for her birthday which was the day before…..then when her choices were made we went out for lunch. 

The only thing that took the edge of the weekend was son losing the plot and getting a 72 hour restraining order against him from his partner. Sometimes I wonder will that son of mine ever grow up!!!  He has his moments thats for sure. 

Anyways Skye had the best time and really didn't want to go home. 
On the way home we called in and saw her great-nanna (hubby's mum) who was delighted to see her. Mum is now in hospital up in Perth, we took her up yesterday afternoon as this morning she had to have a stent put in her leg to help her circulation and hopefully which will help her ulcerated leg heal. It was a very challenging day food wise but I made some great choices but maybe the portion sizes could have been smaller. 

This is our Skye after a shower and in the onsie that I bought for her. I had it in her Christmas stocking…but thought she could be a bit more spoilt while she was here. She loved it…I thought it was pretty funky myself. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Challenging myself

100g's to go to get my 10% and what do I I? 
I stuff it up…by stuffing myself, thats what.
Had a few real bad days, and then couldn't get myself back on track….found excuses not too.  Why?? I don't know..there is a little devil in my mind that wants to indulge my appetite. Have it, go on its says…I have realised that I am back in a lifestyle and self confidence rut and taking some kind of solace in food.    Frustration much !!
Then we went to my nieces engagement party on last night and saw a pic of myself…OMG!!!
What a wake up call!! I saw what I really looked like, and it wasn't what I see in a mirror. Strange isn't it, I could see the weight I had lost and thought I was looking ok? Even though I have lost nearly 10k and quite a few centimetres I realise I have a long way to go before I am anywhere near what I want to look like again. Can kick myself for letting myself get like this again.
So I have given myself a 100 day challenge, a challenge to myself to do the best I can everyday, to be honest with myself, and to eat only what I need to eat.  Today is Day 1.
Tuesday is weigh in day…and yes I was going to weigh in so I knew what damage I have done to myself, but I have Fire Warden training at work that morning so will miss it.

Anyways will leave you with a few pics of the engagement party. 
Andrew and Serena.

Jim, Serena and Ted. Jim and my hubby Ted have been friends for 45 plus years. Serena is Ted's late brother's daughter. Was great to catch up with Jim and his wife Izzy.

The engagement cake which was designed by Serena's sister Mandy. 

The photo…me with hubbys brother Ben.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Another busy week...

My girl and her precious little William….just love this pic. 

Well another week has flown by….4 days of work, grocery shopping, organising the last of holiday in March (flights to Sydney and accommodation organised and payed for…and excursions in New Zealand booked and paid for too)
Visits to mil in hospital, washing, mending, cooking and freezing meals for quick meals and housework… preserving peaches off our overloaded peach tree. No wonder I am tired.

This week have my nieces engagement party to go to and another 5 days of shifts to get through. 

Weigh in today…100grams lost.  Think lack of exercise and a few extra treats this week didn't help.  Next week maybe….hope so, only need a 10% to reach my 10%


Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Just a bit to go…..

And I will reach my 10%….
Weigh in today and with a loss of 700g I was delighted to see I am 200g from my 10%…its an awesome feeling.
 So this week with some patience, some planning, 100% tracking and some exercise I will face those "demon" scales next Tuesday confident that I have lost the 200g and made that 10%

Now these 3 are Caitlyn, Ashlee and Matthew all ready to go trick and treating. These are Paul's 3 munchkins and aren't they are growing up so darn quickly.  They live just down the road about 3 k's away and I think I see more of William who lives 1700k's ago than I do of them, I had to pinch these pics of Facebook.  No major conflict with us…sometimes life just get to darn busy for us all I think.