Friday, October 29, 2010

Very quiet....

Its very quiet in blogging world or is it just me?

Know I am not a very social person, me and hubby don't have much of a social life, too darn tired after a long week of work anyways. People have been known to say we are boring....but heck its not we are anti-social...we both enjoy a good night out occassionaly and love nothing better than a night with good friends and a good ole chinwag. So am I boring I wonder ??
This week has been the week from has been craptastic..if there is such a word...but the crap part of it says it all. But despite the workload from hell I still managed a walk every day and I tracked every bite that went in my mouth. Menopause and those damn hot flushes plagued me all week I didn't know what to expect when I climbed on those demon scales last night. The hormones won....and the demons told me that AGAIN I had stayed the same!
The home front has been very quiet...Mr Troublesome has been no trouble...he is still for the others I haven't heard much at all. Kylee I have rang as we are trying to organise our mother/daughter trip to Phuket next year..all the special deals are just coming out....but I must ring Mr Simon...he has been very quiet! Paul works with hubby so know all well there and anyways Tanya and I talk to each other at least once a week.
Time to organise dinner....a steak and onion sandwich (with salad) ...yummoooo

Friday, October 22, 2010


phewwwww what a week...sooooooo happy its Friday evening and I'm home with coffee in hand and feet up !! Work days have been long and the work has been hard.....just wish it would slow down just a little and let me catch my breath, I am weary.
I nearly had some time off...luckily I can handle a car well as driving home on Wednesday evening in the drizzling rain a kangaroo jumped out of the bush, onto the road and then landed fair square on the middle of my bonnet, bounced off through the force of hitting my car over the roof and just missed the car following me. I was turning off the highway and just entered a exit to cross the dual highway onto the road I live on so thankfully I had reduced my speed. The damage could have been so much worse. After crossing the highway...I stopped and checked the car, the car following me also stopped and made sure I and the car were okay too. No other damage to the car other than the bonnet so I drove the remaining 2 k's home.
Hubby arrived home about 10 minutes after me and on handing him his cuppa I said you better come and have a look at this.....and showed him the car. Without saying a word...he reached into his car and handed me this gorgeous rose bush.... sweet is he? As he said these things do happen, I was okay and that was the main thing. Anyways...a new bonnet will be on the car tomorrow.

Weigh in was last night....stayed the same....can't complain about that as I have had a week of not tracking properly...very complacent after last weeks big loss I think.

Tomorrow morning instead of walking I am trying zumba for the first time.....should be a laugh, believe me I am not very co-ordinated.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Shawn...a big 28 today. Hope he's had a great day...will catch up with him over the weekend. Some good news for him...he has a job and a car..wooohooooo! The car is only a $1000.00 bomb, but it goes well and is getting him from A to B. The job is at a retaining wall company...pleaseeeeeeeeee let him keep this job, pleaseeeeeeeee let him stay off the booze and weed coz thats what causes him to lose the jobs, his moods change drastically and then the abuse starts....pleaseeeeeee don't let it happen this time! He seems still to be happy with Shaz, so lets hope that continues. He really likes this job so pleaseeeeeeeeee let things stay good for him.

One bad thing about the job is that he is going to have trouble getting time off for court and the DCP case. He doesn't want to tell his boss about it all and he thinks he might just ring DCP and tell them about this job and his wants about the kids and see what they say.

Above for those that haven't seen on Facebook is the result of my pampering session at the hairdressers. I am happy with the result I think. Still tending to think the red is a bit too red...still needs to be lightened some....and I think I will get it a little shorter next time.

With me is Skye.....she spent Saturday shopping with me and then overnighted...I took her back on Sunday. Just loved having some one on one with her.

Work has been frantic....lots of staying back playing catch ups...hopefully they will get extra staff so we don't have to work so damn hard.

And to finish....weigh in was last night....I am one very happy girl....I LOST 1.5 KILO'S .... how good is that ???

Friday, October 08, 2010

Its been a long week

Its been such a busy has been sooooooo busy I feel as thou I have lived at the bloody place. Most days I have done over 9 hours a day, mostly closer to 10 hours. Most of the crew are going to work tomorrow....but no way in the world am I. Thankfully I have a hair appointment so a pamper session after this past week is gonna be awesome !!
Not much else has been happening in the world of Jen. Haven't seen the kids or the grandies. Shawn had a job for all of 5 minutes, poor kid nothing seems to go right for him of late. He got the job, and on day 1 he was driving to work and his dratted car blew up !! He rang the job finding place he got the job throu and told them what had happened and all they could say was "tough luck, your're fired !! So now he is madly looking around for a cheap car...gonna have to help him there as he needs transport as he has been told by another job finding agency that if he has transport they have another job for him....fingers crossed !
Kylee has started doing voluntary work for the blind dogs association for a few hours on Fridays....and she is loving it. I love the fact that her main job is to excersise the dogs...and that means walking them! Kylee doesn't get a lot of excersise in and her being a big girl and looking in the future to have kids excersise and losing weight needs to happen.
Paul and Tanya and their kids have been to Kalgoolie on hols, they had a ball....and as for Simon and Tracey well I haven't heard a thing from them. Was hoping to have the kids for a bit over the hols...looks like they were all busy.
ohhh just had a call...Skye wants to come and have a sleepover before she has to go back to school...woohooooo
And a big wooohoooooo last night was weigh in....goodbye to 1 kilo !!

Friday, October 01, 2010

I didn't .....

.....any weight at my weigh in last fact I GAINED 200 lousy little grams. Wasn't too happy as I thought I'd had a great week. But on thinking about it I didn't walk every day, and with warmer weather happening this last week I don't think I drank enough water. Note to myself...I MUST INCREASE MY WATER INTAKE !!!

Shawn ... and Hannah....had to go to court today...DCP are applying to have their kids remaining in their custody for ANOTHER 2 years. Bloody hell...Shawn was gobsmacked and very upset, but so proud of him too as he didn't go looking for the drugs to dull the hurt like he usually does! He still does use them BUT happy to say nowhere near as much or as often as he used too. I would love him to quit them all together but what he has done is great. Anyways Shawn is going to legal aide on Monday and is going to apply for aide to help him with this DCP application.....Hannah already has a lawyer.

I have put up a few pictures of the wildflowers on our block....they are fantastic this year. A lot of orchids....more than we had in previous years.