Friday, October 08, 2010

Its been a long week

Its been such a busy has been sooooooo busy I feel as thou I have lived at the bloody place. Most days I have done over 9 hours a day, mostly closer to 10 hours. Most of the crew are going to work tomorrow....but no way in the world am I. Thankfully I have a hair appointment so a pamper session after this past week is gonna be awesome !!
Not much else has been happening in the world of Jen. Haven't seen the kids or the grandies. Shawn had a job for all of 5 minutes, poor kid nothing seems to go right for him of late. He got the job, and on day 1 he was driving to work and his dratted car blew up !! He rang the job finding place he got the job throu and told them what had happened and all they could say was "tough luck, your're fired !! So now he is madly looking around for a cheap car...gonna have to help him there as he needs transport as he has been told by another job finding agency that if he has transport they have another job for him....fingers crossed !
Kylee has started doing voluntary work for the blind dogs association for a few hours on Fridays....and she is loving it. I love the fact that her main job is to excersise the dogs...and that means walking them! Kylee doesn't get a lot of excersise in and her being a big girl and looking in the future to have kids excersise and losing weight needs to happen.
Paul and Tanya and their kids have been to Kalgoolie on hols, they had a ball....and as for Simon and Tracey well I haven't heard a thing from them. Was hoping to have the kids for a bit over the hols...looks like they were all busy.
ohhh just had a call...Skye wants to come and have a sleepover before she has to go back to school...woohooooo
And a big wooohoooooo last night was weigh in....goodbye to 1 kilo !!


  1. One kilo!!!! Well done Jen!!! Fantastic effort.
    I love your profile pic :-)

  2. Well done on the kilo loss... all that hard work .. you have earned it.
    I hope the weekend is going well for you mate.

  3. Hope your pamper session was relaxing. You sound like you earned it. Congratulations on the kilo loss. Keep it up