Friday, October 22, 2010


phewwwww what a week...sooooooo happy its Friday evening and I'm home with coffee in hand and feet up !! Work days have been long and the work has been hard.....just wish it would slow down just a little and let me catch my breath, I am weary.
I nearly had some time off...luckily I can handle a car well as driving home on Wednesday evening in the drizzling rain a kangaroo jumped out of the bush, onto the road and then landed fair square on the middle of my bonnet, bounced off through the force of hitting my car over the roof and just missed the car following me. I was turning off the highway and just entered a exit to cross the dual highway onto the road I live on so thankfully I had reduced my speed. The damage could have been so much worse. After crossing the highway...I stopped and checked the car, the car following me also stopped and made sure I and the car were okay too. No other damage to the car other than the bonnet so I drove the remaining 2 k's home.
Hubby arrived home about 10 minutes after me and on handing him his cuppa I said you better come and have a look at this.....and showed him the car. Without saying a word...he reached into his car and handed me this gorgeous rose bush.... sweet is he? As he said these things do happen, I was okay and that was the main thing. Anyways...a new bonnet will be on the car tomorrow.

Weigh in was last night....stayed the same....can't complain about that as I have had a week of not tracking properly...very complacent after last weeks big loss I think.

Tomorrow morning instead of walking I am trying zumba for the first time.....should be a laugh, believe me I am not very co-ordinated.


  1. You are one lucky lady, the accident could have been so much worse. And lucky in more ways than one - how sweet of Ted brining you the rose, it's beautiful:-)

  2. Wow you were lucky! And that rose is really beautiful! Isn't your hubby lovely.

  3. So glad you were okay and that man is worth his weight in gold!