Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm back.........

I am back....flew back in last night....

I had a BLAST of a time at the "At Homers" weekend in the heart of was a weekend I will remember for a lifetime. We talked, laughed and sang the whole weekend...
I am so glad I went, I know I have made some lifetime friends.
After the weekend I was able to catch up with Maria, Janet and Susan. Thanks Maria, it was great to catch up again, and Janet and two are fantastic, glad to have met you both, wonderful company even if I couldn't get a word in edgeways!!!
I also went down to Geelong the following weekend where I was able to spend more time with Berrie and her lovely family.
I spent the rest of my time with my darling daughter and partner Stephen. Had lots of meals out, shopped till we dropped and caught up with some friends and new additions to families.
Came home happy, tired and with some excess kilo's......

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leaving .....

.....on a jet plane late this afternoon...heading off to Melbourne for the "At Homers" get together, also of course to visit my daughter and catch up with some great friends. The "At Homers" get together is a groups of girls, all ages, from all over Australia, who have all particaped on the weight watchers At Home forum online, and we decided to get together for a meet up in Melbourne. We are all in different stages of our weight loss journeys, and each and everyone of us has supported each other through the kilo's we have each lost. It is going to be an awesome weekend. Catch you on my return....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Getting closer

Today is Shawn, my problem childs, 25th birthday. he travelled down yesterday and spent half the day with us so we could celebrate with him. He is loving his job, he works extremely long hours so it keeps him busy at least, and he gets on well with his workmates. His moods seem to be improving, well at least they are around us....but he still has a long way to go. Here's hoping he can keep this job....and maybe his self esteem and self worth might come back to him and his moodiness and agitation disappear.
Only have tomorrow to get throu then on Wednesday I fly to Melbourne. Going to be spending time with my daughter, catching up with some of the At Homers that I have met online......wooohooooo ... thats gonna be a full on weekend, soooooooo can't wait. Most of us are booked into a hotel in Melbourne!! Also going to catch up with some old friends, meet some new friends....
Weight Watchers weigh in tonight.....slowly going down, haven't made it back to goal yet....but getting there.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Congratulations Rach

Congratulations to Rach, Mike and Jake on the birth of Jasmin.....who is a real little cutie...such a placid little girl.
I went up and visited Rach today and had a lovely cuddle of bub.....don't you just love the smell of babies?? And Jake is such a cute big brother, he is so proud of her.
Rach was a member of my ww meeting...and is going back to her meeting asap...she did so well maintaining her weight while pregnant, proud of ya Rach!!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Had coffee today with ..... blogger friend Catherine.....and what a delightful meeting it was too. The time just flew by and Catherine and her hubby soon had to hit the road and travel on. We talked and talked and I felt so comfortable with them....I just didn't want her to go. It was hard to say byeeeeeee but we know it's not goodbye, its just see ya later as we will meet again.
Thank you Catherine and Don for travelling down and taking the time to meet with me....I am so glad we finally met.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Not weighing myself..

It is my weigh in night...but decided I am not going to hop on any scales till next week when it is my monthly ww weigh in. Am then weighing in a few weeks early as next week I fly to Melbourne and won't be back till the end of the month. This week I just don't want to know what damage I have done, know it can't be pretty!! What with midnight snacks, and early morning cooking "feasts" And yesterday my sister and her hubby came up for an overnight visit, we had a lot to catch up on and that we did so over quite a few "drinkies"
Today us West Australians said a very sad goodbye to our West Coast Eagle ... "Mainy". Chris Mainwaring with his mighty big cheeky grin and his larrikan ways was a legend...going to miss you on our tv. A heap of memories we will treasure.
This weekend I have a good blogger friend flying into West Australia for a holiday.... really looking forward to meeting up CJ..

Friday, October 05, 2007


What was I doing at 4.30am this'd never guess?

I had an absolute "shit" of a night, went to bed about 9ish, read awhile, then went to sleep but woke up at 1.30am........

I got up, after tossing and turning and no sign of sleep and made a cuppa, and thought mmmmm might have a bikkie too. Two cuppa's later and a pack of bikkies later I thought darn it better go back to bed and get away from those darn bikkies!! Back at the bedroom hubby is still sound crawled in and curled up but again tossed and turned and wriggled and squirmed, in the end sighed and gave up!! No sleep for me!! Got back up....make another cuppa and thought mmmmmm need to do something soooooooooooo 4.30 am there were HOT SCONES sitting on my kitchen bench....minus 2 which I ate.....!!!

5.30am I went walking....

7.05am drove off for a days work at the "funny farm" !!

Monday, October 01, 2007

What a week...

phewwwwwwwwwwwww what a week......

Monday....went to work, squashed finger in rollers on carrot grading table, ended up having surgery to make sure there was no tendon damage. Darn sore !!

Tuesday....ouchies finger!! Went to weigh in coz I couldn't weigh in Monday night.....mmmmm wasn't a good weigh in! Heard from Shawn that he had started another job with a furniture removalist.....hope he can stay focused, motivated and off the dreaded "weed" and keep the job.

Wednesday......stayed at home and mooched around waiting for Kylee. She flew in for interview.....waiting to pick her up from train station tonight. Sat up and chatted, poor girl has a huge decision to make about future..if the posistion is offered.

Thursday....Busy, busy , busy !! Heard the tragic news of Katrina. devasting !! Just hoping the tumours aren't going to be passed onto little Allie (Katrina's little girl) as Katrina's mum also passed away with the same thing at 42 when Katrina was 8.

Lots of shopping, catching up with friends of Kylee's.

Saw the Dr today...had thyroid and HRT medications reviewed. Dr gave me a telling off telling me, he said I was getting too skinny!! Sheeeeeeez that got to me!! Too skinny, yeaaaaa when I had put on weight!!! But anyways I did measure myself ..... and lo and behold I have lost centimetres around bust and waist!! Then it was onto shopping and catching up with friends.

Friday...Went to the surgeon, finger is healing well. Then onto Katrina's funeral with Kylee. A very simple and moving service for a well loved mother, daughter, stepdaughter, sister and friend. Shawn was unable to go due to just starting a new job. The news was a shock to him but he coped with the news a lot better than I though he would. Took Kylee out to her best friends place...they getting togerther with some other friends for a girl nights in....mmmmmm sounds like a headache to me!!

Saturday......Up and about early. Had hair done, got rid of all the grey by having it cut and coloured. Home and had Shawn and Hannah and girls around to catch up Kylee. Kylee last saw them when Jaydene was born 8 months ago...she was Hannah's birthing partner.

Sunday.....Another full on day. Took Kylee up to Collie to say hullo and goodbye to Simon and Tracey, they flew in Saturday night from their holiday in Queensland. Took a drive around the overflowing Wellington dam...then home to pack bags, have lunch and catch our breathes before heading off to the airport, and goodbye Kylee. But just for a few weeks...then Jen fly's to Melbourne.

Monday.....phewwwwwwwww day of rest for me. Slept in, went for walk, had a late breakfast. THEN heard the devasting news that a West Coast Eagle legend Chris Mainwaring had passed away.
Its weigh in night least thats good news....I lost 1.6 and now 68.5 !! Slowly getting back to where I should be.