Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting there

I think....

Have got myself on track again, and going well despite a few things happening. The scales are going down, but I won't hop on them again till next Monday. A little peek told me all was good
I went to a step class on Saturday morning, it was great, I loved it. I am not the most co-ordinated person but for a first timer I thought I did darn good!! And boy, I think its a workout, Sunday morning I woke up with aches where I haven't ached in a long time, but a 30 minute walk helped ease the poor muscles. Still a bit sore this morning but after another 30 minute walk the aches are easing. I will be back to another class next Saturday. In the meantime I'll try and walk most mornings before work.

Dear daughter is really stressing out, poor love. Her and her fiancee have just signed papers to buy a block of land and also signed papers to have a house built on it. Her fiancee is now requesting that with all the money that they have had to borrow (and all their savings now non-existent after paying deposits on land and house plans) that Kylee downsize her dream wedding plans! Just hope its only stress that is bringing this request on as my girl is in tears. Ohh just heard their loan has been approved, so here's hoping the stressing will have eased and calm has been found again!

Things are happening in the Shawn and Hannah camp.....don't know whats going to go on there. Hannah has started proceedings to drop the avo that DCP made her put on Shawn....but now DCP are saying if she does that they will make it will it a lot harder for her in getting the kids back. Drama's, drama's and more drama's...wonder if it is ever going to end? Right I know its their (Shawn and Hannah's) fault that they are in this posistion, what with Shawn and his drugs and his aggresive mood swings and Hannah and her dirty/unhealthy and non existent housecleaning ways. BUT dcp are just so unemotional and uncaring to anyones feelings. And I am not totally happy in the way the kids appear to be cared for. Shawn and hannah are asking questions about these issues.
Ohhh well despite all this I have stayed on track somehow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did I say

Did I say I had sorta found my mojo again?

Well I thought I had, I did get myself back on track for a few days then those darn menopause hot flushes started up again...right when I am trying to sleep!! My nights have been pure hell for most of this week, I am hot, then I am cold, I am tossing and turning and making hubby miss sleep too. And with all this I have been getting "restless legs" at night matter where I put my legs they would ache and I'd have to move. So in all I have been having one shit of a week. And what happens when that happens, yep ya got it...."oink oink" It would be alright if I just overate...but nahhhh not me, I have to shovel it in as thou it was my last meal, I mean it I do, I gorge myself.

Anyways just been looking at my calendar....and its ONLY 9 weeks from today till I fly over to Melbourne....and if I don't get myself sorted out I won't be able to fit into any of my darn jeans!! So as of tomorrow morning I am going to try, and I mean really try to get myself back on track, can I do it....wish me luck !!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

He really missed them

......and so did I !!!

Shawn had an access visit today, he had one last week too but I had to miss it due to our Americian friends coming in on the cruise ship, but today between 1pm and 3pm we entertained Shawn and his little cuties.

They were a little timid when they first arrived, but within 10 minutes or so they were into the toyboxes and found their favourite toys. Took Skye, the eldest girl, she is 5 now, a little longer to find the rapport we used to have. More little mite I really feel for her as she does understand a lot of what is going on !!

Jaydene the little girl, she is 2, and she is a real Daddy's girl and was really taking advantage of the 2 year old tanties!!

Shayden the baby (10 months) is still the same happy little chappy....glad he was old enough to bond with his daddy before all this happened as as you can see in the pics is devoted to Shawn.

Was a wonderful couple of hours.

Anyways everything else has been going well. Shawn has settled down a little, welllllll no more trouble from him. He received notification that he lost his licience for 5 months for his drink driving and a $800 fine....!! But today he was a lot happier within himself.

Me....well I have sorta found my mojo again...I am back into my walking and eating healthily. I have stopped the water running, too darn cold in the pool now, but have decided to do a pump or step class on a Saturday morning instead. I'm not going back to weight watchers till next month....but I will check what my scales say on Monday night.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


.....has been a busy one so far.

We had some friends sail into Bunbury on Saturday on this cruise ship....

My hubby is a amateur radio operator and talks the world over on his radio...and had been talking to Will in Americia for a few years now. When Will and his wife Eileen said they were coming out to Australia and were going on this cruise they asked us and our friends and near by neighbours Neville (he is a radio operator too) and Margie if we would like to catch up with them when they docked in Bunbury for the day. We gladly said yes, and on Saturday we all went in to meet them off the ship.....then drove around to show them a few sights of Bunbury and surrounding areas before we had lunch at Neville and Margies. Margie made a beautiful pavlova for them to try, it being one of our traditional Aussie desserts....mmmmmmmm very yummy it was too.

Their stop in Bunbury was only from 8am to 3pm but we really enjoyed the visit.

After we dropped Wes and Eileen off at the wharf, we came home as we had a cousin and his wife visiting....I hadn't seen my cousin in years and had never met his wife. I found Helen on Facebook and arranged the meet up so we could have a catch up.
Shawn dropped in too.....darn DCP changed his access visit and he had it between 1 and 3pm but because I was busy with our americian friends he couldn't have them he had to go down to the local park. Pretty pissed off about that I was, was so looking forward to catching up with the kids today!!! Anyways Shawn said he had a great couple of hours with them and next week the visit will be here on the Saturday. They better not change that one!!
I am feeling a lot better within myself today, the aches are slowly going, and tomorrow hopefully I can get my ass into gear and go walking again. I am missing it and the healthy eating....have really lost the plot this last week feeling like I have. ahhhhh well onwards I guess!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A me day

Had a day off work today, an unexpected one but one I took gladly. Been suffering with aches and pains and feeling quite blahhhhhh. Can't be bothered doing much at all, its just all seems like its too hard and too much of a chore. Went to water running last night, the water helped the aches and pains for a bit, but I couldn't do the full hour, so after cool down I languished in the spa, ahhhhhh bliss!!!
This morning the aches and pains were still there after a restless tossing and turning night, so no walking for me. And the eating...well the "oink oink" factor is back again. I rang my ww leader today for advise and she said just let it happen, don't stress about it and as soon as I feel up to it I'll get back on track and because I am a life time member and have weighed in this month she'll see me next thats what I am going to do, just go with the flow. Hope this feeling like I do doesn't last too long, I hate feeling blah and out of control.
Knowing late yesterday I was going to get today off I quickly rang my hairdresser and booked in for a much needed cut and colour. I am not sure now if I made the right decision now thou....I went for a burgundy colour base as I wanted a darker colour than I usually have with the gold and blonde foils. Just got to get used to it I think.
On the Shawn front all is quiet. Will see him on Sunday as he has an access visit with the kids here. I spoke to his DCP case worker today and he said he had a visit with him the other day and has agreed to go throu some rehab and we'll see, with Shawn things change so quickly.
Will post again after the access visit, can't wait to see the kids again, I saw Shayden back on my birthday in February but it seems like forever since I have seen the girls.

Monday, March 09, 2009


Its just as I expected I had a gain at my weigh in tonight......BUT what else can I expect, my bad week was very bad and apparently my good week wasn't good enough to counteract day I might learn mmmmmmmmm !!!

Not much has been added stress from Shawn....

And its a very happy birthday to my little munchkin Zoe...she turned 6 yesterday. Rang her up to wish her the happiest of birthdays and little miss haveachat filled me in on all that was happening. She got rollerblades for her present but she says she spends more time on her bum than she does on her wheels. My little babies are all growing up so quickly!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Getting myself under control

Well have got myself back on my track......told that little devil on my shoulder to rack off....and placed the halo back on my head. Since I dropped Kylee and Stephen off at the airport in the early hours of Tuesday morning I have been back on track so we'll see what my weigh in on Monday night will be...that will be very interesting.
Not much being happening here, Shawn has been reasonably quiet and staying out of trouble. This morning I have spent with Hannah doing some op shopping....just to get her out and about. She has been really depressed missing the kids (no, she still hasn't heard when she'll get them back, next week she has a meeting with DCP) and to top it off while she was out last night babysitting her house was broken in to .....
Will update on Monday night....
P.S. 9.oopm ..... mmmm did I say all was reasonably quiet on the Shawn front......welllllllll not no more. Big trouble in the making methinks!!!!! Hope not....I DO NOT NEED THIS STRESS!!!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Done it again....

Don't know why I do it BUT I seem to do it all the time. I get to goal, or very close to it and I lose the plot and turn into a real little "oink" and eat everything in sight!!! Hasn't helped that I have had dear daughter (and her fiancee) home for her best friends wedding....Kylee was maid of honor and I was so proud of her, she was Jess's tower of strength from the time she landed here in WA and on the day she looked absolutely stunning, as of course did the bride.

In between all her bridesmaid duties her and Stephen have been able to organise a lot of plans and make bookings for their own wedding next year.

And while Kylee has been with Jess, Stephen and I managed to go out and buy me a new desktop computer.....mmmmm thankfully he was able to set it all up for me too and transfer all my files and folders that I needed over too....ahhhhh he is the best!!

On the Shawn and Hannah front, things aren't too good. They got reported to DCP for seeing one another and on Friday Hannah had the kids taken off her and put into foster care....we will find out on Tuesday if or when Hannah will get them back.
Anyways I take Kylee and Stephen up to the airport tonight, so things here can go back to normal, and hopefully I can rein my piggy self back in and get back to eating healthily and sensibly again and get back into the excersise too, I have only walked once in the last 4 days...SLACK ehhh? It being a public holiday today I have no weigh in so I have a week to get back to where I was...!!!!!