Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting there

I think....

Have got myself on track again, and going well despite a few things happening. The scales are going down, but I won't hop on them again till next Monday. A little peek told me all was good
I went to a step class on Saturday morning, it was great, I loved it. I am not the most co-ordinated person but for a first timer I thought I did darn good!! And boy, I think its a workout, Sunday morning I woke up with aches where I haven't ached in a long time, but a 30 minute walk helped ease the poor muscles. Still a bit sore this morning but after another 30 minute walk the aches are easing. I will be back to another class next Saturday. In the meantime I'll try and walk most mornings before work.

Dear daughter is really stressing out, poor love. Her and her fiancee have just signed papers to buy a block of land and also signed papers to have a house built on it. Her fiancee is now requesting that with all the money that they have had to borrow (and all their savings now non-existent after paying deposits on land and house plans) that Kylee downsize her dream wedding plans! Just hope its only stress that is bringing this request on as my girl is in tears. Ohh just heard their loan has been approved, so here's hoping the stressing will have eased and calm has been found again!

Things are happening in the Shawn and Hannah camp.....don't know whats going to go on there. Hannah has started proceedings to drop the avo that DCP made her put on Shawn....but now DCP are saying if she does that they will make it will it a lot harder for her in getting the kids back. Drama's, drama's and more drama's...wonder if it is ever going to end? Right I know its their (Shawn and Hannah's) fault that they are in this posistion, what with Shawn and his drugs and his aggresive mood swings and Hannah and her dirty/unhealthy and non existent housecleaning ways. BUT dcp are just so unemotional and uncaring to anyones feelings. And I am not totally happy in the way the kids appear to be cared for. Shawn and hannah are asking questions about these issues.
Ohhh well despite all this I have stayed on track somehow.


  1. Jen you are such an inspiration - I absolutely admire you.
    I love reading your posts, and what has been happening in your world!!
    I've decided to jump back on board the Blogger world, and track my emotions this way.
    Good ol' Facebook is good for some things, but this isn't one of them.

    Just thought I'd jump on and say hi - hope you're having a good day :)
    Much Love
    M x

  2. I'm sure your Kylie will still have a lovely wedding.

    Sorry to hear there are still dramas in your life with Shawn & Hannah.

  3. If I didnt spend so much time playing scrabble I could comment more often!!! Well done on all that exercise - wish I could get my act together - thyroid playing up and just so fatigued. Shame about Kylees wedding but I guess its their future that really counts, and hope things work out with Shawn and Hannah- so hard for you standing on the sidelines. Z xx

  4. The wedding plans will sort themselves out. Once they settle into the house and loan plans etc they will review the wedding and get their plans back on track. Committing yourself to any debt is so stressful:)
    Shawn and Hannah....well, same really. Only they can sort it all out and their actions are going to speak louder than their words with the department.
    In the look after YOU!!