Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Its been crazy...

Its been crazy here of late. 
Ted's 70th birthday is this weekend so been doing a lot of shopping and prep for that.
Been babysitting Master William and Miss Summer a little too. Kylee has had a few appointments, house has been sprayed for nasties and the list goes on. Also had Shawn's girls some holidays and their foster mum works so they have had extra Daddy time.  William loves spending time with them too....I don't mind either as they wear him out and he has a arvo nap!!
Diet....well thats been up and down. Had 2 weeks of gains, anniversaries of loved ones passed really got to me.   But back to it and I recorded a good loss last week, hoping for another this weigh in. 

Will leave you with a few pics of the little ones...
4 weeks already, time has flown. She is a good baby, sleeps well most nights...Kylee usually gets a good 4 hours, sometimes 5. 

William is still besotted with his little "Sum Sum" as he calls her. Talks to her telling her how gorgeous she is,  always touching her and loves to help Mummy with her. 

This was taken today. Absolutely gorgeous day. Little Miss was not interested in a sleep after her bottle so I stripped her off and let her kick her little legs and play in the warmth for 3o minutes. She loved it. 

Monday, April 16, 2018


Little Miss Summer is now heading towards 3 weeks old and coming along fine. She is feeding well and gaining weight as she should. Has a small hernia in her belly button that we will hope will go nurse is keeping an eye on that.
William is absolutely besotted with his cute little "SumSum" as he calls her.