Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday evening...

....and that means weigh in night. The scales were good to me, another 500 grams gone, and so it should be, I have worked hard this week to lose it. Unfortunately it is coming off slowly, but it I suppose to be expected seeing as my body has settled on and around this weight for the last few months. Darn weight is so easy to put on but so hard to get rid of !! It has settled on my stomach (see pic hubby took on Saturday in my rose garden) and thats where it usually does sit giving me those muffin tops!! My mission this week is sit-ups every night before bed.

Shawn is still working .... yayyyy!!!! He quite likes the job and the people he is working with so thats a bonus. His moods have been a lot better too....thou he still has had his moments!

I am taking him down to Busselton on Saturday morning to see his kids. Hopefully they will have them at the park on time for a change as hubby and I have a surprise 60th to go too that evening and have a couple of hours drive to get it'd be nice to get back here in time to have a relax before hitting the road again.

Been doing a bit of organising for dear daughters wedding, have a friend of a friend that has agreed to do all the flowers, bouquets for us...things are all going along smoothly so far.....but guess as it gets closer I'll hit the panic button. March is going to be here before we know it !!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Birthday cake time....... The birthday girl.....

....sometimes I wonder about that troublesome son of mine. Today we had a meeting with DCP regarding the care of his kids, was good they organised the meeting and let us have some input.....but geeeeee the couple I had today were very uncompassionate, I found them very unfeeling. I thought after they told Shawn there was no way he'd ever get custody of his kids while he was still using/boozing that he would lose it, he usually does when we say things like that!! Thats a reason too there is a bit of tension between me and hubby (Ted), he won't have anything to do with him anymore and doesn't think I should be there for him as much as I am. Anyways Shawn took what they said well....and here's hoping he'll start thinking about those kids more than he does about himself.....he really is a selfish man! Actually he was quite good company today. I had the day off work for the DCP catching up on some much needed errands.

Weigh in tonight.....lost long last the scales are going down, slowly !! I have had a great week again....lots of walking, planning and tracking so hopefully another good week coming up.

Saturday I took Shawn down to Busselton for his access visit....a lovely couple of hours and it was great that we were there to help celebrate Skye's 6th birthday.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Some good news....

yayyyyy some good news, for a change regarding Shawn.

He rang me today to say he might have a job.....was going for a interview/induction this evening....then he rang this evening to say he had the job !!!

He starts work tomorrow at 6pm and works till 2am....NOW lets hope he stops using that dreaded weed AND keeps this job.

What a relief this job will be, hopefully it will keep him away from his "mates" ..... now he needs to find himself somewhere to live.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beginning of my challenge...

Have a day off going to go looking for a pair of jeans just like those I am wearing above...loved those jeans, they made me feel good. I want to feel as good now as I did then....I working on it !!!
I weighed in last night and I was 2oograms up on what I weighed in at 2 weeks ago...but then I lost the plot for a week and although I have had a really great week this week obviously it wasn't enough. A little disappointing but heyyyyy I can deal with it. A good blogger friend is dealing with a hell of a lot more and my heart aches for you A
Not much else is happening in my little world....Shawn is still a pain in the backside. Took him down to Busselton on Saturday for his his access visit with his kids....they had a ball with him. Next weekend we are off down there again as Skye, his eldest, has her birthday and will be turning 6.
Been for a long walk this morning and hoping for another great week.

Monday, November 09, 2009


I must get myself back on track and stay there..... Above is me now.....with Tracey (Simon's other half) and her mother, this was taken on Saturday afternoon.....
And above is me when I first started ww and me just before I achieved goal weight is 68 kilo's.

Meant to have gone to weigh in tonight but just too embarrassed to go....I know that I have gained big time.....stoooopid me!!!
Anyways on my sidebar I have put in week 1 to week 6 which will take me from next Monday weigh in, which I will go too, till the Monday before Christmas, and I will record all my weigh in's on there. I will stay on track...and even if I don't I WILL go to weigh in. I need to stop this yoyo' ing and stop blaming everything/anything for me over-eating and just do what has to be done!! I started again this morning and yes I have done onwards and downwards YET again.....

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Drat it ....

...... I have lost the plot !!

No excuse really, had a fair bit of pain in my legs, not sure why....think its because its been a long fortnight of work (over 90 hours) with crap carrots to grade so a lot of standing but anyways have gone overboard with the eating and drinking....and no matter how much I try I just can't seem to stop myself, I just wander off track...grrrrrrr!! My friend recons I am not eating enough during the day as its usually at the end of the day I go looking....mmmmm something to think about.

Had a bbq up at son Simons house today, had a glorious time with the grandies, ate wayyyyyy too much and now sitting here catching my breathe before heading out to a 50th birthday party.

Tomorrow catching up with Shawn and doing my Monday its hopefully back on track day AGAIN!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Another good week

Have had a great real drama's.
Even managed to get into the hairdresser on Thursday evening and be pampered, had my hair coloured (foils) and have it trimmed. Hubby asked me if I wouldn't get it cut so short,,,,he likes it longer, so I did ask Erin to just trim it for me and I quite liked the result.

Had a phone call on Friday saying the headstone I had organised for my Dad had been erected, so on Saturday morning I went doen to Manjimup, gathered up my brother and sister and went and had a look. Quite a few tears were shed I can tell you, tears of relief, tears of sadness and tears of happiness too. Dad passed away in October 2001 but for many reasons we were unable to get a headstone up till now. My brother and sister told me what they wanted and what they didn't want and then left it all up to me to what a relief it looked as good as I hoped.

Shawn has been quite good this week, no major drama's. he had a hospital emergency visit, a sore the side of his knee became infected and his leg swelled up to 3 times it size, it was so red and hot and looked gross!!! Antibiotics seem to be healing it.

Weigh in tonight.....down 300 grams...thought it would be more, but what the heck, I'll take the 300, its onwards and downwards ehhhh?