Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday evening...

....and that means weigh in night. The scales were good to me, another 500 grams gone, and so it should be, I have worked hard this week to lose it. Unfortunately it is coming off slowly, but it I suppose to be expected seeing as my body has settled on and around this weight for the last few months. Darn weight is so easy to put on but so hard to get rid of !! It has settled on my stomach (see pic hubby took on Saturday in my rose garden) and thats where it usually does sit giving me those muffin tops!! My mission this week is sit-ups every night before bed.

Shawn is still working .... yayyyy!!!! He quite likes the job and the people he is working with so thats a bonus. His moods have been a lot better too....thou he still has had his moments!

I am taking him down to Busselton on Saturday morning to see his kids. Hopefully they will have them at the park on time for a change as hubby and I have a surprise 60th to go too that evening and have a couple of hours drive to get it'd be nice to get back here in time to have a relax before hitting the road again.

Been doing a bit of organising for dear daughters wedding, have a friend of a friend that has agreed to do all the flowers, bouquets for us...things are all going along smoothly so far.....but guess as it gets closer I'll hit the panic button. March is going to be here before we know it !!


  1. Good on you for the loss... I put mine on ALL OVER ...

  2. Not unfortunately - the best way. Lose weight slowly is good. I know it is also a hard slog and even more disheartening when it goes back on so easily (speaking from experience here) but you are doing so well possum. Keep up the inspiration.

  3. Way to go kiddo - you and me - a couple of tortoises - but we'll get there Zxx