Saturday, December 05, 2009

Heading out....

A beautiful day here today....lovely and hot, love it !!!

Been down to Busselton this morning, took Shawn and a friend of his and her 2 kids down for his access visit with his kids.....phewwwwww what a mess that was getting there!! They had a Ironman comp on there and traffic was diverted everywhere, little detours here and there, cars darting this way and that, people walking across roads watching the competitors and not their kids or where they were going....and me with NO navigation skills at all was totally lost !!! Luckily Shawn is like his Dad, only has to go to a place once and he can find his way there he got us out of the mess and found the re-scheduled venue. We were planning on the beach for the visit but thanks to the Ironman comp that was closed.

Now I am getting ready to head off down to Nannup....we have a surprise 60th birthday party to go too...looking forward to that, these people have been friends of Ted's since he was a people and good company. Here's hoping I can keep myself on track tonight..its a bbq so I should ehhh. I am skipper and driving home seeing as I don't drink much so have packed plenty of diet coke.

mmmmmmm best head of and see if my denim skirt fits, looking at that pic of me with Skye I am beginning to wonder.....


  1. That is a lovely photo of you and Skye!
    Hope your BBQ was nice.