Friday, December 18, 2009


and yay I have the day off!!!

I certainly need it, the last 2 days I have felt like I have been on a roller coaster ride....

Wednesday was a funny ole day at work...but one where I was made aware as to how much I was needed there. The shed manager/fork lift driver "spat the dummy" and walked out and Micheal (my boss) had to run the shed. He barked orders out to me to run the staff, barked out the orders that had to be done, hopped on the forklift and left me to it.
At arvo smoko he called me into the office and him and his wife Penne (who works in the office) thanked me and told me how much they appreciated me and ALL the work I do there...not just what I did today.
THEN I got the phone call that turned my night into nightmares. The call was from the police to say they had Shawn in custody after being caught at Hannah's...thus breaking the vro. The police had received a phone call informing them that Shawn was there and on arriving there caught him as he was backing the car out of her driveway and was thus arrested. We knew the phone call could have come from only a handful of people as Shawn had only just bought the car a few days before. Hubby was very supportive when I arrived home and told him about the phone call and took me into the police station to get Shawn's car keys to get his car off the street and leave a packet of cigs for him as we were not allowed to see him till he appeared in court the following day. The police told me then to expect Shawn to be sent to jail for 7 months as that was the sentence for breaking the vro for the 2nd time! Thus the nightmares I had that night!!
Yesterday I took time off work and went to the court for his sentencing ... thankfully Shawn had legal aide representation and she has kept him out of jail...for the time being at least. He has to appear in court at the end of January. While in court we found out it was Hannah's family that reported Shawn being there, Hannah is livid !! Anyway Shawn will be hearing from this legal aide lawyer and she is going to work with him/on him and get some his "problems" addressed.
So yayyyy I am happy, its Friday I have a day off, I have had a bad week come good, I am starting to feel better within.....and believe me I am counting my blessings.


  1. Life is full of the GOOD and the BAD.. and we just have to learn to get through it intact eh?
    I hope your weekend goes better mate.... I really do!

  2. Oh Jen, what a week! *hugs* x 1000!

    I am glad to hear Shawn had some good legal aide, and I do hope he listens up and works with her to address the problems. I am so sorry you have to go through all this! *hugs*

    I hope you had a lovely relaxing day off, and that the weekend is peaceful.