Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

This is the remains of Shawn's car....the one he bought out of his 1st pay a fortnight ago. Christmas morning at 1.18am he rang me and asked if I could come and pick him up as his car was on fire. I flew out to where he was....and between police and fire brigade reports it was after 3 am when I got home again. Shawn lost almost everything, he and the friend with him did manage to grab a few things before flames engulfed the car....but lost his money, documents in the glove box, some chrissy pressies. Not 100% sure of the cause but fire brigade said it started in the wiring behind the dash and in front of the motor. He was not insured. Below is Ted and I at Paul and Tanya's where we went for christmas lunch.....was sooooooo yummy too. Prawns, turkey, ham, fish, and lots of salads and very tasty fresh bread, plus pavlova for dessert. We had a fantastic and very pleasant relaxing afternoon with Ted's mum, his brother, Simon & Tracey and the 7 grandies. Shawn didn't join us, too interested in drowning his sorrows in booze I think, but he did come out and join us for a couple of hours and caught up with his brothers, neices and nephews but didn't stay for lunch.
Below is our gorgeous little Zoe with her chrissy present from us, she loved her rock & roll guitar....all the grandies are growing up so quickly. I took heaps of pics of them during the course of the day.....have Luke, our eldest grandchild coming down to spend time with his Dad tomorrow, looking forward to that...we don't see him very much.

And by the end of the afternoon...this little man (Mathew) had had enough....he was tired, grumpy and pouty!!! When we left in the late arfternoon he was having a very overdue nap!
Now its Boxing Day....and I have once AGAIN got myself back on track. Today is day one. I weighed myself this morning and I have put on just over 4 kilo's since my last ww weigh in on the 7th of this month !!! I got so down/depressed for awhile there so its a wonder it wasn't more. So far today its been good, started with a 75 minute "jabberwalk" with my walking buddy with us doing the hardest walk we know, lots of steep hills.....and since then have stuck 100% on my daily plan. I have 12 weeks till Kylee's wedding and I soooooo want to be trim and terrific for that.
Here we go again .... today I am more determined than ever.


  1. Wow Jen, i must say you are one strong woman!

    It must be very disapointing about your sons car, lets just hope he doesnt let the bad luck drag him down deeper.

    I cant believe its only 12 weeks 'til the wedding boy that times gone by sooo fast! stick with it hun, 12 weeks will fly by, dont give in to temptation and comfort eating, get yourself some photos of you and your daughter and stick them on the fridge and cupboards as a constant reminder of what and why you what to achieve, You CAN do this Jen xxx

    Erica xx

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry to head about the car, that is ust terrible! I hope he doesn't use it as an excuse to go off the rails! *hugs*

    And i can't believe it is only 12 weeks to Kylee's wedding! WOWEE! I know you can look fantastic for it, It's a brand new year tomorrow! :)

  3. Hope u have a fantastic night tonight lovely lady and may 2010 bring everything you could hope for xxx