Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Last night we went down the beach and met up with #1 son and family, had a few drinks and come home and had a cuppa and welcomed 2010 in.
Certainly hope its my is the beginning again.....ate and drank way to much yesterday but the determination is still there to win this battle and lose these dratted kilo's and get back to being comfortable with myself. To you all I am wishing you 365 chances to love, laugh and live your best year yet.


  1. And the same to you too Jen... All the best for a fantastic year ahead!

  2. Hi Jen!
    I'm back on Blogger honey!! haha...
    You can do it Jen, I know you'll get to goal. You've done it before so you can do it again!!

    This is our year, we'll do it together :)
    Love ya lots xoxo

  3. Best wishes for 2010:-)

    A real incentive for you having the wedding so close.

    Just caught up on the post about Shawn's car - just what you don't need to hear.