Monday, January 25, 2010


So much for prayers.....
Today was a complete and utter waste of my time!!! Court was adjourned till the 15/2 as Shawn didn't have legal representation....grrrrrr he was told last time he wouldn't need it today as it was a pre-sentence report!!! The magristrate made no mention of the report that Hannah gave to corrective services...actually NOTHING was said at all about corrective services. All she did other than ajourn till February was stipulate to Shawn he had better stay away from Hannah and her address.....NO CONTACT WHATSOEVER !!!!! Hope he listens coz I know they still communicating, if he doesn't and he is caught or reported being there it is jail...directly to jail...and that I am afraid is not going to help him. She had better listen to it too as she told me today that DCP had been there and have told her they will keep Kaleb in their care till he is 18 if she continues carrying on seeing Shawn. They are going to be keepin a close watch on her and will be questioning Skye. She better listen if she wants Kaleb back...she has to stop seeing and helping Shawn out. I do too.....but that will be easy if he stays in the mood he is in today, all this trouble he is having is all my fault....yep mine coz I gave birth to him !!!!! Shit if I knew he was going to be this much trouble I would never of had him !!!!!!!
Well lets hope my day improves....weigh in tonight....I will do an update with results then.
P.S. 7pm and just home from ww meeting....I weighed in and lost 2.2 kilo's , I real happy with that !!!


  1. What a sorry tangled mess - no wonder you get so upset and feel so helpless. But remember life is all about choices - and it's Shawn and Hannah making these choices - so they need to own them and stop trying to blame others (like you) for their bad choices. But talking of choices you've obviously made some very good ones - 2.2 is awesome. Well done Z xx

  2. I hope he listnes and STAYS away. Really they've made the situation they are in and it's up to the pair of them if they want their little boy back. Never seems to end for you.

    Well done on the lose:-)

  3. They are BOTH idiots! They have to stay apart until he sorts out himself... then and only then will they be 'allowed' to be together again WITH all their children.
    It is MEAN that DCP are using a BABY to get what they want. And who the hell is giving a shit about the baby? How is he going to feel if he's kept in care till he's bloody 18???!!! (Oh I know YOU give a shit mate!)... but obviously DCP don't really!

    Well done on the loss... no doubt due in a big way to stress. But still... a good loss!

  4. That's a great loss Jen. Well done. Now keep on track.

    My heart really goes out to you Jen. I keep meaning to email you. We've been through some real rotten times too. It's so hard to step back, but we had to. Tough love so to speak. Ashamedely it was also case of outa sight outa mind. Helped us deal with things.

    Know that you're not alone. Big hugs to you.

  5. omg what a day jen, i really dont know how on earth you keep going, your a wonderful mum xxx well done on your loss too, awesome effort!

  6. Families put us through so much hey ... it's obvious you love them very much. What a stressful week for you, chin up and keep plodding. Congrats on the loss!!