Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomorrow another court day for Shawn, and I'll be going in for some support as I told him I would. He has rang me a few times in the last days and he has been good mood wise. Don't know if the message has sunk in or not as he hasn't asked for any money. I know he is very short of cash too as the last few days he has been in and out of emergency at the hospital with ulcer type sores on his elbow. He had to spend 2 hours the day before yesterday and yesterday on a drip getting antibotics into him. Due to the fact he has lost his healthcare card he had to pay full price for his scripts....apparently they didn't come cheap. Drs at emergency said he had cellutitis...and I guess living on the streets is not helping much either. I saw him yesterday briefly when I caught up with him to give him and gave him his mail...and soft touch that I am gave him a couple packs of cigs......and then left him.

He needs another car and he has asked me if I will keep my promise and help him out there some....I guess I may have too. But then again I am hoping it wont be necessary. Court tomorrow is for breaking his vro and being caught at Hannah's (re post 18/12).

Anyways apparently corrective servives have rung Hannah and asked her a whole heap of questions about what she would like for Shawn. She has told them she wants no charges pressed against him and no jail but please send him to rehab...pray along with me that the magristrate will do this.
Tomorrow night is weigh in too......


  1. I will be thinking of you... AND HOPE that Shawn is sent to Rehab to get some help.

  2. Will be thinking of you today - your plan seems like a good one and so hope the magistrate thinks like that too. Zxx

  3. sounds like a great plan, so thinking of you also and hoping the magistrate is compassionate and reasonable.


  4. lets home that the majistrate see'd what shawn really needs, help instead of punishment, your in my thoughts hun, hoping things make a turn to the positive for shawn, hannah, the kids, yourself and hubby xxx

    ps - good luck with weigh in sweets xxx

  5. A bit late but know that you are in my thoughts.